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Item #: SCP-195

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-195 is to be kept in a 10 meter by 10 meter containment unit. Any personnel entering the containment unit must be checked for any stray objects about their person. SCP-195 has been granted a weekly quota of building tools and supplies under the condition that any object it creates is to be taken into custody for study. If SCP-195 shows signs of violence, all materials are to be removed from the containment cell, and construction rights will be revoked until further notice.

Description: SCP-195 is a Caucasian male of indeterminate age. When it was found beneath a tomb in Sicily during 19██ it was first thought to be deceased. However, SCP-195 began to move of its own accord, and local Agents were called in for containment.

Upon further research, it was found that many of SCP-195's vital organs were replaced by what appear to be hand-crafted replacements, which are believed to have vastly increased the life span of SCP-195. These replacements are usually made of common material such as wood or iron, and utilize basic mechanics. The replacements have been recorded as follows: a small but complex pump which circulates blood throughout SCP-195's body; a system of cloths and silks that act as a filtration system and effectively replaces much of SCP-195's liver; a tiny set of cords, pulleys, and gears which act as muscles for SCP-195's right forearm and left calf; several patches of treated leather in place of skin over some of SCP-195's body; and the left shoulder joint that consists of a large iron sphere coated in a wax-like substance. Also, a portion of SCP-195's brain has been replaced by [DATA EXPUNGED]. How this allows for motor functions and thought processes is unknown to the Foundation.

SCP-195 is capable of sentient thought and speech, though it has shown a tendency for single-mindedness and dislike of conversation. It is fluent in several languages, though it primarily speaks in an ancient Greek dialect. Although it is docile and generally acts slowly, SCP-195 has shown an IQ of 136, just below the level of genius. The most notable feature of this, however, is the incredible skill at craftsmanship and engineering that SCP-195 possesses, surpassing most modern craftsmen. It is capable of creating powerful machinery and objects with only a few simple resources. Things created by SCP-195 are similar to the replacement organs within its body, leading to the belief that it was in fact SCP-195 that made them. SCP-195 is proficient in using both ancient and modern building tools. A log of items created by SCP-195 has been recorded.

  • A crank-powered wagon that can power itself almost indefinitely with only a few rotations of the crank.
  • A shelving system that has 45% more holding space than most shelves of its size.
  • A clock that is accurate within 9/100ths of a second.
  • A large rifle that, despite a lack of gunpowder, is capable of firing metal spikes at a high velocity.
  • A 30 meter tall stone tower that can withstand a magnitude-7 earthquake.
  • A chest plate consisting of several alloys that works as both an efficient bullet-proof vest and flak jacket.
  • A locking mechanism which cannot be broken or picked by any method short of explosives.

Additional Notes: Since it was found in 19██, there have been several cases of SCP-195 acting in a strange or anomalous manner.

Note 195-1: When working on one of its creations, SCP-195 passed a painting of a large, winged man. SCP-195 immediately stopped working, dropped what is was holding, and proceeded to stare at the painting for several hours. It then walked back to its containment unit, and refused to comment or do any more work for an entire month.

Note 195-2: Dr. █████ decided it fit to give SCP-195 several assistants for aid. While working on a table, one of the assistants began to proceed at a faster rate than SCP-195. SCP-195 became violent, giving the assistant a minor concussion before it was removed and forced back to its containment unit. Afterwards, it was decided not to furnish SCP-195 with assistants.

Note 195-3: When being questioned about a possible knowledge of other SCPs, SCP 195 was shown a photo of SCP-184. SCP-195 recognized the photograph, and began to act in a sullen manner, stating that it wished to "never see that damned thing again". When further questioned on the matter, SCP-195 refused to comment.

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