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Item #: SCP-195

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-195 is to be kept in a thirty (30) by thirty (30) by thirty (30) meter room decorated to his liking so long as it falls within safety precautions. At least one fluent speaker of German must be on site at all times to serve as a translator for SCP-195. Personnel of Jewish decent are not permitted within the containment chamber or near or around subject at any time.

Description: SCP-195 is a heavily muscled man of Germanic descent, approximately 2.1m (7ft) tall and weighing 172.37kg (380lbs). Subject has blond hair and blue eyes and appears to be twenty six (26) to thirty (30) years old, although he has not appeared to age since being taken in by the Foundation.

SCP-195 was found in a underground laboratory in Auschwitz on August 12th 1960, unconscious in a large pool of saline solution, with no memories of life before being awoken. Subject is highly intelligent (his IQ has been estimated at a 230), and identifies himself as "Dedrick Kirsch", a notably German name. He speaks and writes fluent German, but refuses to learn English or take an IQ test, although for reasons he will not state.

Judging by the partially destroyed research documents found along with the subject, it appears as though Hitler's scientists experimented heavily on him, although with what and how are unknown, as the documents were missing large vital sections of information.

Subject exhibits unusual violent behavior when within visual range of someone of Jewish decent, attempting to physically harm and/or kill them. Subject will continue attempting to kill the offending persons until they are either killed, he is knocked unconscious, or they are removed from his immediate range of sight, whereupon he returns to normal behavior, with no memory of his previous actions. When asked about it he insists "Ich will niemanden umbringen" ("I do not want to kill anyone"). How subject is able to discern whether or not subject is of Jewish descent is unknown, as he has been able to spot even those who do not display typical Jewish biological characteristics.

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