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Photograph of the SCP-1955 from the rear, showing the most apparent modifications

Item #: SCP-1955

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1955 is to be housed in a concrete garage, which is to be locked at all times. The garage should be surrounded by obstacles (walls, pylons, ditches, etc), preventing any high-speed acceleration by the vehicle should unauthorized access be obtained. Radioactive material used for fuel is to be stored safely in lead-lined containers.

Description: SCP-1955 appears to be a modified DeLorean DMC-12 automobile. Its dashboard houses an LED display with fields labeled "Destination Time," "Present Time," and "Last Time Departed," each showing a specific date and time, along with a numeric keypad for modifying to contents of the "Destination" screen, implying that SCP-1955 is a form of four-dimensional vehicle. A Y-shaped device located in the passenger area is connected to this interface; its purpose is unknown but suspected to be an integral part of the vehicle's driving force.

Exposed to SCP-808. SCP-808 confirmed that SCP-1955 is a time travel device, commenting that "she's seen some action" and has been rebuilt at least once. The Y-shaped device that SCP-808 called a "Flux Capacitor" is apparently what makes time travel possible, and it operates upon achieving a forward velocity of 141.62 kilometers per hour, if fueled by 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. Her request to test the vehicle's capabilities was denied, despite her possession of a driver's license. She also asked if the identity of an individual called "Doc" was known; currently "Doc" has not yet been located.

Additional: SCP-1955 was found in ████ ██████, California, though its origin is unknown.

Memo 1955-01: The possibility of creating a paradox, possibly one that led to the destruction of the universe, has led to the suggestion that SCP-1955 be reclassified as Keter. However, since SCP-808's statement that the vehicle has been used previously, the possibility of this has been dismissed as unlikely, particularly if access to the vehicle is severely restricted.

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