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Item #: SCP-198

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-198 must be contained in a sealed cargo hold canister, kept aloft and away from all walls, floor and ceiling by at least twelve (12) meters. Under no circumstances is the canister to be allowed contact with any of the surrounding structure, and the object is not to be removed from the canister. If research is to be carried out on the object, then it must be done whilst the container is still in the air.

Description: SCP-198 is a standard, white porcelain toilet of average design. Object is immaculately clean, as if it had never been used, and emits a pleasant fragrance that varies with time, but the most common is mild lemon. Object is completely average in all respects with regards to construction, composition and design.

When sat upon for "usage", the object will suddenly morph out of shape, consuming the user in one or two "bites". It is unknown where the users remains are sent. Authorized personnel may read Document 198-01-a for an update on current research.

When allowed contact to solid ground or walls, object transfers itself through unknown means, trading itself with the nearest human waste receptacle. When object moves, it changes its appearance accordingly, although will maintain a higher state of cleanliness in order to attract more "prey".

Additional Notes: Object was found in a community college in ██████, just outside of ███████. The area came to attention with the sudden high rate of disappearances. The item itself was discovered after two Agents had disappeared, after leaving to go to the bathroom.

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