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Item #: SCP-1985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1985 is to be kept at all times in a large cell, with multi-layered walls of Titanium and reinforced steel. Entrance into this cell should occur by way of two magnetically sealed doors. Constant surveillance should occur by way of video cameras placed in the room. Under no circumstances should any blond female royalty be allowed within 100 meters . Should a containment breach occur, an Italian employee onsite has been trained to recapture it. No other forces should be expended. If the Italian dies by some circumstance, another to be found, (preferably one with a degree in plumbing), dressed in red overalls, and sent to contain it. Said Italian should also be given a mushroom and red hat, and told that he should "Remember to jump."

Description: SCP-1985 appears similar to a large bipedal turtle, with a head resembling something more akin to a dragon. His skin is a yellow-orange, with a yellowish-beige front and jaw. The shell is large enough to cover its whole back, and is green with many large white spikes coming out of it and his tail. The top of the head is also green, accompanied by red eyebrows and a red mane of hair. During the entirety of its time in containment, it has been wearing spiked metal cuffs around its wrists, biceps, and neck. While no voice has been recorded, people in its presence have reported knowing what it has said, as if written words were appearing in their mind. It stated that it has eight kids. The search for them has proven inconclusive.

The subject was shown a range of abilities. The foremost are its great strength and durability, and has proven immune to more common forms of attack. It can breath fire, which can incinerate most biological organisms and melt some metals. At various times it has shown to be capable of using other strange powers, and has disguised others as him, using what it calls "black magic."

Addendum Addendum During questioning after a successful recapture, it told personnel that it remembered someone who sounded similar to the description given of SCP-998, but that it could not remember a name. Their relation at this time in unknown.

Addendum Following the disappearance of Dr. Georgia Momo, the aforementioned staff member was sent to a suspected lair of SCP-1985 to retrieve our employee. Upon arriving, he instead discovered a male hostage who told him that, "Our assistant was in another castle." Employee is currently en route to a second suspected lair, through Western Area Rapid transPort subway.

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