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Item #: SCP-199

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is allowed to wander around Research Sector ██ as it wishes. All staff on site should treat the subject with respect and care, and staff interactions with SCP-199 are to be carefully monitored by Emma Ashton, who has been designated by the subject as its owner. If Ms. Ashton is to find any antipathy towards subject, she is to alert a Class 4 Administrator immediately, and the staff member responsible for abuse is to be terminated.

All minor care is to be provided by Ms. Ashton.

Description: SCP-199 (Referred to as "Righty", as named by Ms. Ashton and various Class D personnel) is a large black cat found in May 18██ by police officials in London, England, after investigating an arson/murder case. The animal appears to be in poor condition, missing its right eye and bearing scars around its neck, along with various poorly-healed skeletal fractures. However, "Righty" is very affectionate, and will follow its current owner everywhere, unless physically restrained.

Of particular interest to us is [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE DOCUMENT 199-026A]

Document 199-011:

Confirmed Chronology of SCP-199's existence

*May 18██ - SCP-199 is discovered after an unknown individual suffering from lunacy murdered his wife.
*May 18██ - SCP is released onto streets of London.
*June 18██ - Several fires break out in London. Subject is believed to have been the cause.
*September 19██ - ████ ██████████ adopts SCP-199 from an animal shelter.
*March 19██ - ████ ██████████ dies, and her grandson takes SCP-199 into his care.
*April 19██ - SCP Agents in the UK hear word of a cat with an unbelievably long life span. Agents investigate, and take 199 into custody. Owner is glad to be rid of the cat.
*August 20██ - [SEE DOCUMENT 199-026A]

Document 199-026A: Documentation of SCP-199 Class Promotion from "Safe" to "Euclid"

A fire has broken out in Wing A-7, near the Class D housing areas. Fires have been subdued, but the cause is completely unknown. Technicians have discovered no electrical malfunction, poor wiring, or any reasonable cause for an ignition. However, of interest is the strangely shaped soot patterns caused by the flame, as the outline of a cat is clearly visible. We are looking into a possible Euclid class containment failure.

- Dr. Svenik

Interviewing Class D personnel proved fruitless, until we began questioning about the soot patterns left by the blaze. Some of the staff looked unhappy, and we finally discovered the nature and origin of the fire.

Personnel D1092, assigned to clean the general staff area, claimed that he "didn't like that damn cat hangin' around in Emma's room," and hinted that he may have abused it. Further questioning revealed a deep-seated antipathy towards felines in general, and we are studying further into this. He also mentioned that his sleeping area was also directly beneath the soot patterns.

- Dr. Svenik

Document 199-026B: Examination of Personnel D1092

Dr. Svenik: Hello, Robert, can you hear me?
D1092: Fuck you, Doc.
Dr. Svenik: Robert, I need to ask you a few questions, can you answer them for me?
D1092: [silence]
Dr. Svenik: Robert, how do you feel?
D1092: [unintelligible]
Dr. Svenik: Robert, please speak closer to the mic.
D1092: I can't fucking stop seeing that cat.
Dr. Svenik: Please elaborate. 
D1092: All I can see is that cat. It wants to spite me. I want to kill it.
       It's evil, doc, you don't know though 'cause its got its eyes in you, you don't know.
       I need to kill her, she loves it too much.
Dr. Svenik: Who is "she" Robert?
D1092: Emma. She's the cat's slave. Fuck Righty, he's a demon, I swear.
Dr. Svenik: Robert, I'm going to let you get some sleep. We'll talk tomorrow, alright?

[conversation ends]
D1092 was shortly thereafter diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and various other mental illnesses. D1092 self-terminated in July of 2008, when Dr. Svenik attempted to expose him to SCP-199.

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