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Item #: SCP-200

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-200 is to be kept in its case at all times unless being studied. If removed from the case, personnel must be wearing sound-proofed ear protection. All openings in SCP-200 must remain sealed unless in use. SCP-200 can only be used for one minute at a time before it must be re-sealed for a minimum of one hour.

Description: SCP-200 resembles a typical brass-coloured French horn, except that it is composed of a glass-like material that is resistant to shattering. SCP-200 is capable of generating sound at a wide range of resonant frequencies; testing has shown that the sound waves from SCP-200 are capable of matching the resonant frequencies (and consequently damaging) any physical structure that the sound comes into contact with. SCP-200 is capable of producing the resonant frequency effect with any air movement, including ambient air currents; the stronger the air movements, the more pronounced the effect. Ambient air currents will produce random resonant frequencies.

Additional Notes: SCP-200 currently located at underground facility in ███████ █████████, to minimize potential accidental collateral damage.

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