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Item #: SCP-2018

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2018 is currently contained in ████████████. Object is contained in cylindrical room, lined with 15.24cm (6in) of lead, buried 500m beneath surface of the earth. Walls of cylinder are constructed from highly-reinforced ferroconcrete, 4 meters thick in all dimensions. There is no access to the facility, save for feedpoints for cabling.

SCP-2018 is to be be lit at all times with a minimum of 12 sodium lights at all times. Two banks of lights, each with its own complete backup generator and battery supply good for 14 days continuous operations are provided. Video monitoring is to be conducted 24 hours a day. Class-D personnel assigned to video tast are to be rotated through in shifts lasting no longer than 4 hours. Any personnel refusing to leave observation room on schedule is to be terminated immediately. Polygraph scheduling for observation personnel is to be doubled.

Description: SCP-2018 is a large red button, inset into a small rectangular cavity upon a metallic pedestal standing approximately 1 meter. The object in early observations was described as "shiny", "jolly", or "candy-like", and almost "irressistably pushable."

Under no circumstances are any personnel to even consider proposing a method to facilitate button-pushing.

"I propose sending Able in to see what will happen when it is pushed. He is expendable afterall. And even if it does manage to destroy him… Oh wait, I forgot about the team he leads. Please ignore all of this."
-Doctor Steal

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