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Item #: SCP-203

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Standard containment. SCP-203 is to remain in a small, locked chamber. No personnel are to touch SCP-203, under any circumstance. Those who choose to ignore this are to be given one warning, after which, if the offender proceeds to continue contact with SCP-203, they are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-203 appears to be a freshly minted penny with no date or script. The head of Abraham Lincoln appears on both sides of the coin.

SCP-203 seems to attract those who like shiny, distracting objects, or possibly those with little willpower or attention spans as Agent ██████ ███, who had a documented, confirmed attention deficit disorder claimed to be strongly drawn to SCP-203 and had a difficult time getting it off his mind. Incident following caused [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-203 was discovered by Agent ████████ in [DATA EXPUNGED]



Reference: SCP-203 is currently responsible for the deaths of two personnel. One D-class personnel and Dr. ██████████. The D-class subject exposed to SCP-203, placed within his pocket, expressed signs of paranoia shortly after pocketing the object. The subject, after prolonged exposure to SCP-203, made claims that [Data Expunged]. Subject's condition escalated to the point of violence, at which point Dr. ██████████ was strangled. When additional personnel restrained the subject, he made claims that Dr. ██████████ was going to poison him, then lashed out, screaming that they were all after him, and that they would kill him. After resisting attempts to restrain him, subject was then terminated. Additional tests were performed with D-class personnel. When parted with SCP-203, subjects eventually returned to a normal state of mind.

Attempts to destroy SCP-203 thus far have not yielded results, and, seeing as the object does not pose an active threat, has been classified as Safe.

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