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Photo. The reflective area does not reflect inanimate objects.

Item #: SCP-205

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-205 is to be kept in a secured lead container at all times. The object may not be directly viewed under any circumstances. If the object has to be moved outside the container, the work must be performed by remote-controlled automatons independent of visual input. SCP-205 can be stored freely in a storage room, as long as there is at least 4 meters of clearance in front of the container.

Description: SCP-205 is a square glass mirror fastened within a steel frame approximately 2cm in width. The reflective area measures 50x50 centimeters. The glass is mounted on a 2cm thick treated plywood plate measuring 51.5x51.5 centimeters. Through apparently supernatural means, it is impervious to any physical abuse, heat, or electromagnetic radiation.

SCP-205 emits a faintly audible melodious tone at all times, measured to mostly linger around the C of the sixth octave, but it oscillates randomly in either direction of the scale. Exposure will induce palpitations in certain subjects when listening to it over a period of time longer than 5 minutes. The sound is faintly audible to the naked ear in a roughly conical area in front of the object, up to 4 meters away, regardless of whether or not something is physically blocking the path. It registers as faint (-23.0dB ) white noise on any type of recording equipment. Thus, measurements of tone, tone shifting etc. have been found through comparison.

Upon directly or indirectly viewing the reflective glass surface for more than (approx.) 3 seconds, the viewer will see the insides of his own body to great detail in his own reflection. Internal organs, bone structure, fatty tissue, blood vessels, etc. become visible to the subject, as if components of the body became removed at a variable and random depth, although no physical change occurs in the body. As long as the initial viewer maintains eye contact, spectators can safely observe the reflective area with no apparent effect.

The audio emitted by the object begins to pulse with a difference of +/- 1 octave in the C scale in a rhythm matching the heart rate of the subject after (approx.) 10 seconds of viewing. After more than 20 seconds of viewing, the heart rate of the subject will become synchronized with the pulsing of the sound through means we have not been able to understand. No external exchange between the object and the subject in the form of magnetic fields, radiation or audio have been measured.

After this "synchronization" occurs, the subject and SCP-205 become inconceivably linked. If the subject loses eyesight of the reflection through any means, its heart will cease beating immediately. Physical examinations and EEG shows that the heart freezes as if frozen in time, rather than becoming paralyzed biologically. The audible oscillation of SCP-205's sound halts until eye contact is resumed. When brain death occurs, the sound returns to its initial state, and any viewers are immediately susceptible to the effects of viewing.

From current research, it has been concluded that it is not possible to keep the subject alive through any means other than maintaining eye contact with SCP-205. When connected to a heart-lung machine or other artificial life support mechanisms, the machine will fail abruptly if eye contact is not maintained. Experiments by physicians E. Saint and P. Fowler have shown us that there is no biological explanation for this effect. Victims that become "synchronized" with SCP-205 must be euthanized as fast as possible.

As stated, indirect viewing of SCP-205 will also have the aforementioned effect. Video footage of SCP-205's reflective surface appears to have the same effects as naked-eye viewing, as long as the viewer can see at least 25% (approx.) of his body surface in the reflection.

If eye contact is broken before synchronization fully occurs, the subject's heart will still be weakened. The subject will be afflicted by tachycardia, palpitations and probably suffer a heart attack or aneurysm after a time. Effects vary depending on the person, but do not seem to be rooted in the physical condition of the sufferer. Research files can be accessed under the files Listing: SCP-205 03-06.

Document #001-A1:

According to his own records, SCP-205 was recovered from a collapsed operation room in a ruined military hospital in ████ around 1953 by a war relic collector ███████ ████. Mr. ████ was encountered in Berlin in March 14. 1956 by Dr. Radha Varez, wearing a handkerchief knitted around his head with the mirror suspended above his forehead. Referred to SCP-205 as "The Witness of Suffering". Mr. ████ was in a state of despair, and agreed to be taken in for research. Details on how SCP-205 came into our custody can be accessed by one with sufficient clearance (Class D or Level 4) under the file 1. Findings 00-12. It is estimated that at least 120 persons died due to direct or indirect exposure to SCP-205 before we could contain it. A complete record of people affected by SCP-205 before its containment can be accessed under the file Listing: SCP-205 00-02.

Document #002-A1:

Patrol guard T. Calaham by accident viewed SCP-205 with unprotected eyes for 40 seconds when he was ordered to clean storage room ██ of debris after [EXPUNGED]. Calaham reported about the accident by audio, and security was able to dispose of him through audio-triggered sentry guns when he refused to be euthanized peacefully, and attempted to escape the area. SCP-205 was found with Calaham's carcass draped over it on the floor. When removing Calaham's carcass, a gaping hole in his chest was discovered. The sternum, upper ribs, and heart had disappeared. Chemical analysis of SCP-205 in storage does not show traces of blood or tissue.

Document #003: STATUS UPDATE as of ██.██.███

Recent measurements have proven that SCP-205's sound emission radius has increased to 10 meters. The container has been turned to face into the wall to avoid accidental exposure. New measures towards destruction must be evaluated if signs like these continue to indicate that SCP-205's radius of influence or severity of influence are increasing. It could be possible that SCP-205 is completely indestructible through physical means. The difficulty of gathering information about the object again prohibits us from experimenting on the physical makeup of SCP-205.

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