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Item #: SCP-206

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-206 is kept suspended in a 2m x 2m x 2m room filled with frozen solid xenon at -120 degrees Celsius. Samples of SCP-206 may be extracted by warming the xenon to its liquid state, and then using an iridium tube and container to take the sample. Samples of SCP-206 should be returned to the containment chamber or destroyed after 35 hours, as that is the shortest recorded time for SCP-206 to burn through an iridium container. Samples may be destroyed by irradiation and treatment with S-206-4 (Type 4 Omnioxidase inhibitor complex).

SCP-206 is a bacterium discovered in [EXPUNGED]. It is likely the cause of the fire that destroyed the city of [EXPUNGED]. SCP-206 contains a group of enzymes that can oxidize almost any material very quickly. SCP-206 constantly creates and releases those enzymes, which cause the materials around it to burn and turn to ash. SCP-206 gets its food from ash and its energy from the extreme heat that the fire causes. SCP-206 is capable of infecting humans, although the infection is localized until the very final stages and can easily be cut out. The enzymes which SCP-206 creates can revolutionize energy generation, which is why SCP-206 was not neutralized at discovery. Xenon in its solid form, along with other noble gases, have proven to be very effective at containing SCP-206, and they are one of the only materials that SCP-206 cannot burn and reproduce in.SCP-206 is believed to be created by the deceased Dr.██████████████, who lived in a cabin near the city of [EXPUNGED]. Dr.█████████████ was a genetic engineer. His motives for creating SCP-206 are unknown. The city of [EXPUNGED] was sterilized by means of irradiation. A nuclear power plant meltdown was used as a cover story.

Addendum 206-1: The enzyme SCP-206-1, also known as omnioxidase was recently extracted from SCP-206. SCP-206-1 was found to be safe for storage at temperatures near absolute zero. Officials are planning to use SCP-206-1 as a weapon against dangerous SCP entities.

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