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Item #: SCP-207

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-207 is to be secured in vault ██ of site ██-B. access is to be granted only to Drs. ██████████, █████, and ██████-██████, for purposes of experimentation. Due to its value, the object is to be transported only under an armed escort of at least 4 level 3 security personnel. SCP-207 presents no unusual properties across any measurable spectra, nor does it appear to pose any genetic, radiologic, eschatologic, or memetic risk to SCP personnel.

Description: SCP-207 is a single, absolutely pure diamond with a mass of 2.824kg (14,120 karats). No markings are present on the faces of the object which would indicate cutting or shaping with tools. It is believed that SCP-207 was, by an as-yet unknown process, cast in its current shape. SCP-207 is in the shape of a right rectangular prism 20cm in length, 8cm in width, and 5cm in depth. The exact process for creating this object has not yet be determined, and the only identifying markings are the words ███ ███ ██████ embossed into one face. SCP intelligence units have been unable to determine the meaning of the inscription.

Addendum: Acquisition Log RN-207-A: Location: ████████████, ██████████, ████████████████. SCP-207 discovered in possession of an itinerant individual who gave his name as "██. ███████". Subject showed signs of severe mental disturbance, repeatedly claiming to be a time traveller. SCP-207 was brought to foundation attention through back-channels after subject repeatedly attempted to sell SCP-207. Subject was apprehended by SCP covert field operatives and delivered to Site-███ for study and possible classification as SCP object. extensive testing, both physical and psychological (SCP VB-19), revealed no evidence to support time travel claims of subject. SCP-207 was retrieved from subject's personal effects post-termination.

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