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Item #: SCP-209

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object #209 is contained in a heavily vented room three (3) by three (3) by three (3) meter with acid proof walls, ceiling, floor and kept on an acid proof table. It is strongly advised that the words "smokey", "bitter", "strong", "rich" or "sweet" are not used within a twenty (20) meter radius of the object. Staff of all levels, excluding 05-x are allowed access to object #209 with the appropriate approval.

Description: Object #209 appears to be a round tumbler glass 10cm in height and with an 8cm radius at its widest point, which contains a unknown clear brown alcohol. Procured by team [DATA EXPUNGED] from a Pub in ████████, Ireland after reports of a "massacre" of unknown cause reached the organization. Acquisition of Object #209 proved unproblematic, although several retrieval staff required psychological counseling, document [R-209-193█] contains retrieval audio logs.

The liquid contained in the tumbler is a golden brown color, similar to whiskey, brandy or scotch. Test logs show inconsistent taste results, all test subjects agreed that it was indeed a form of alcohol. Refer to documents [#209.1.178], [#209.1.179] and [#209.1.180] for details pertaining to tests.

The various types and colors of smoke have been tested and found to be an undiscovered acid with PH ratings between -4.56 and -3.63.


DOCUMENT [R-209-193█], object retrieval audio log.

Team member #4: *sharp intake of breath* "…my god!, what happened here?"

Team Leader: "Number 4, comments are to be kept to yourself!"

Team member #4: "Sir"

-Several minutes of silence

Team member #2: "We have several victims, partially dissolved by an unknown substance"

Team member #8: "The environment around each victim is partially dissolved as well"

Team member #5: "Sir, I've found something"

Team Leader: "Yes Number 5, what is it?"

Team member #5: "This glass here, it appears completely unharmed"

DOCUMENT [#209.1.178], Voice log for taste test Alpha.

Test subject #209-Alpha: *takes a drink of #209* "Hmm, it tastes like brandy… kind of rich"

-test room quickly fills with a thick yellow smoke, originating from the tumbler, inhibiting visual contact with the test subject

Test subject #209-Alpha: "AHHH! IT BURNS!, IT BURNS!" *voice slowly changes to a bubbling noise*

-test room was vented after 8 minutes and test subject #209-1 was pulled from the room, partially dissolved (76% of body mass missing)

DOCUMENT [#209.1.179], Voice log for taste test Beta.

Test subject #209-Beta: *takes a drink of #209* "Hey!, that is some damn good scotch"

Test subject #209-Beta: "I really like the smokey taste to it"

-test room quickly fills with a thick gray smoke and events similar to test Alpha occur.

DOCUMENT [#209.1.180], 24 hour test, taste test Gamma.

-Test subject #209-Gamma has been told not to speak after tasting the liquid

Test subject #209-Gamma: *takes a sip of #209*

-Test subject is kept in the test room for 8 hours and then is released under observation for 48 hours

-16 hours proceeding the test, test subject made a report of severe stomach pains and was placed under medical watch

-20 hours proceeding the test, test subject died, autopsy report shows partial dissolution of subject's internal organs (84%)

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