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SCP-210 before modifications.

Item #: SCP-210

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-210 is to be kept within Room 23-C, away from any dampness. One (1) security camera is to remain present, to discourage personnel from abusing SCP-210.

Description: Subject is a varnished wooden Windsor-style rocking chair with slight burn and (Since Experiment E-210-A) crack damage to the arms and base. SCP-210 has the inherent ability to reanimate any dead matter that is placed on the chair. As soon as the reanimated subject loses physical contact with the chair, the subject return to a non-animated state. Note that SCP-210 only works on mostly whole subjects. Testing is ongoing to determine how much of a corpse is needed to activate SCP-210's properties.

'We have the results of some scrapings of SCP-210's legs. The data indicates that the tree died in ██ C.E. several thousand years after the varnish was applied. It may seem like an odd coincidence, but I think we can guess where SCP-210 gets its powers from. [DATA REMOVED]' - Extract of report filed from Analysis & Testing.

Experiment Log displaying subjects tested on SCP-210
Experiment Log 210-A

Requests to Overseers involving SCP-210:

-Request One (1) set of steel manacles to be attached to arms of SCP-210 after results of experiment E-210-A1. (APPROVED)

-Request Four (4) set of wedges to be fitted onto the legs of SCP-210 to prevent it from moving during subject's containment. (APPROVED)

Do you think we're made of D-Class Personnel? The authorities may become suspicious!

-Request sample of crude oil for testing. (APPROVED - TESTING IN PROGRESS)

-Request body of an ordinary canine mammal for testing. (APPROVED)

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