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Item #: SCP-213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-213 is to be contained within a 2 room cell furnished with basic items; requests for further furnishings are to be denied until the subject resumes cooperation with testing. There are to be no other rooms or spaces above, around or below the subject's cell for at least 10 meters. Guards are to be armed with gas masks (set to self-destruct if unhinged without a code), V-118 vortex ring guns with paralyzing charges, and tear-gas grenades. Cell walls, doors, and guards' armor are to be constructed of a cocktail of highly unstable compounds which react violently when their bonds are separated; subject is to be informed of this. Containing walls, ceiling and floor are to be lined with several layers of large air pockets filled with compressed airborne tranquilizer. The cell's ventilation is to have an attached system to distribute paralyzing and incapacitating agents, able to be triggered quickly and easily from the observation room.

Additionally, a minimum of 5 gas squad members are to be permanently stationed at SCP-213's cell. 24-hour surveillance is required to assure subject does not attempt to escape. Due to the subject's abilities, any additional fortifications to the cell have been deemed a waste of resources.

Description: Subject appears to be a Caucasian male in his late teens, 1.90m (6ft,3in) tall, 95.25kg (210lbs). Hair is brown, eyes hazel. Investigation reveals that the subject is a citizen of [DATA EXPUNGED], full name █████ ███ ███ and 19 years of age with full records leading back to birth. Subject claims his ability manifested at the age of 17, with no apparent cause.

SCP-213 possesses the apparent ability to forcefully sever the bonds between atoms in most any solid or semi-solid matter with physical contact. A highly visible light is produced when doing so, leading some researchers to theorize that he produces a unique type of energy, forced through the structure of objects to nullify their molecular bonds. Any part of the subject's body can exhibit this power; the subject has used it to disintegrate bullets and shells as they impact his body, provided he knows they are coming. Extensive use of his ability has proven to leave the subject tired, hungry, and/or dehydrated.

Cross-testing of this ability with other SCPs has been delayed due to subject's lack of cooperation, and the danger posed from attempts at testing against his will. While not openly violent in his stay, subject has refused most forms of cooperation in the study of his abilities; the best information as to the extent of his power has been analysis of his capture and subsequent escape attempts.


SCP-213 was found within a [REDACTED] federal prison (later subject reported he was there of his own will, thus how local authorities were able to apprehend him). Subject was discovered when a Class D personnel recruited from that same prison reported meeting a man who could "make things disappear". An investigation was carried out.

Upon being confronted by the Foundation team sent to apprehend him, reports state subject used his ability to destroy a large patch of wall in his cell, then proceeded to disintegrate the building's side wall below him, carving a path five stories down. He then dissolved the hinges on the nearest gate, escaping the prison compound into a nearby town.

Upon seeing his abilities, the agents on location requested support from Combat and Containment Unit 012. Upon arrival, Unit 012 proceeded to track subject into the town, and eventually cornered him in a vacant building. The 23 members of Unit 012 entered the building. Subject killed several members, then managed to destroy the load-bearing walls of the building, causing a collapse and the deaths of the remainder of Unit 012.

Approximately two hours after the deaths of Unit 012, C.C.U. 026 and a gas squad were dispatched to the area, tracking subject to a storage warehouse. Unit 026 and the gas squad entered from opposite ends of the warehouse, though no sign of subject was found for 15 minutes until he was eventually spotted hiding inside a crate he had breached. Upon discovery, subject attempted to retreat, destroying several objects and barriers that were blocking his path. It was eventually noticed that extended use of his ability visibly fatigued the subject. The teams began forcing SCP-213 to clear routes for himself through the many barriers of the warehouse, wearing him down as he did so. Eventually subject ended at the far right wall of the warehouse. Instead of making a hole to continue his escape, the notedly irritable subject instead turned on the teams and attacked. Subject was reportedly noticeably hindered by his exhausted condition, however despite this he proceeded to dissolve a volley of automatic weapons fire and kill 3 personnel before the gas squad was finally able to surround and spray him with a paralyzing agent, bringing an end to the chase.

Subject was kept heavily sedated until he could be relocated to the ████████████ facility.

Addendum 213-01:

Subject has agreed to interviews at various times, the most productive of which is detailed below:

<Start of session>

Dr. ████: When did you first become aware of your abilities?

SCP-213: I was 17 years old, sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich. I had laid it on the table, just relaxing and eating. Then I get a sudden migraine. Used to get them a lot when I was younger. Next thing I know, the table I was touching glows dark blue for a split second, and then it's gone. Just, gone. I freaked out and jumped back, then felt my hand hit something and heard a loud noise. I turn to find I had put my arm clear through the refrigerator door, then flung the thing half way across the room while trying to pull my arm out. Needless to say at that point, I was a bit freaked out.

Dr. ████: Then what happened?

SCP-213: My mom comes in freaking out, runs up to me and not even thinking, I put my hand on her shoulder partly touching her neck. Next thing I know, there is the light again. I pulled my hand away as fast as I could, but I was too late, a big chunk of her neck and shoulder were just….gone. She died before I could call for help.

Dr. ████: And I take it that is how you ended up where we found you?

SCP-213: Yeah. One of the neighbors heard the noise and the yelling, called the cops. They get there and of course find me sitting there with blood on me, my mom dead on the floor, and me looking like a wreck. Assumptions were made pretty quick. I was still just really confused, so I just went with it. Said straight out I did it. Long story short, I'm in prison for first degree murder. Spent 2 years there figuring out how to work my "talents", so that now I can fully control all of it.

Dr. ████: Why do I feel like there are things you aren't telling me?

SCP-213: Because there are. I don't trust you or the rest of the freaks that run this pit.

Dr. ████: And why is that? Why is it you refuse to allow us to test you, to gain some possibly useful insight on your abilities?

SCP-213: Because you're fucking monsters. Remember when you used to send some of those "D class" personnel from the prison I was at into my cell to try and talk to me? Yeah, you were watching them, so they couldn't really say much out loud, but these are cons. Cons know how to pass information in secret. Notes, words said between sentences, things like that. They told me how they were dropping like flies in here, you guys send them into the cages with these scary ass monsters you got locked up here, if you don't straight out kill them yourself. And you think I don't see the way you look at me? I'm a fucking science experiment to you. I'll be damned if I'm going to show off for you like a lab monkey, you sick fuck.

Dr. ████: Haven't you killed over 30 people in the brief time you've had your abilities? Do you see yourself as a more decent person than the men and women who work here?

SCP-213: I only hold myself responsible for one death, and that was an accident. The others were, as far as I'm concerned, self defense, and I refuse to feel guilty about them. Look, we can go at this as many times as you want, I love to talk. But I'm not going to show off for you. Deal with it.

(Subject refuses to respond after this point)

In order to facilitate the viewable use of his powers, forcible introduction of subject to other hostile SCPs has been considered. No decision has been reached at this time.

Addendum 213-02:

Subject has made his first escape attempt. Asking for another interview with Dr. ████, SCP-213 calmly waited for the doctor to arrive and begin entering his cell. As soon as two of the three doors were opened, subject rushed to the final door and applied his ability, atomizing the door and giving him a clear path out of his cell. Subject killed Dr. ████, as well as two gas squad members during the initial stage of his escape. Subject proceeded on through the facility, destroying barriers in order to quicken his travel through the area. Unfortunately, due to subject's lack of knowledge of the facility, he unwittingly broke into SCP-517's containment unit. Upon seeing him, SCP-517 attacked in its usual ferocious manner, slashing and biting the greatly surprised subject.

During the struggle, SCP-213 was able to apply his ability directly to SCP-517's torso, obliterating it; though this crippled SCP-517 enough to spare the subject's life, though the subject was too exhausted from the effort to resist further.

Security and heavy weapons were rushed to the site to contain SCP-517 before it regenerated and escaped its containment. However, while still very much alive, the horribly mangled SCP-517 was seemingly unable to regenerate its damaged torso at more than an ordinary organism's rate. This is highly unusual, as in all other cases the specimen's healing abilities have been more than sufficient to handle any wound inflicted upon it.

Using their gained time, staff were able to neutralize both SCP-213 and SCP-517 without further incident, and repaired both damaged cells while subjects were kept under heavy sedation.

Two things of value have been gained from this event. The first being that we now have detailed usage information of SCP-213 using his abilities. The second, this has opened up a possible option for dealing with other difficult/regenerative SCPs.

Possibilities involving SCP-213 and SCP-682 are currently being considered.

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