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Photo of SCP-214's original location.

Item #: SCP-214

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-214 is to be kept in a locked container at all times, with no admittance to any non-Class D personnel at any time. Observation is to be conducted through a red tinted acrylic glass viewing window, which is to be replaced by no less than three Class D personnel every 2 months. Entry to SCP-214's containment unit is guarded by two Level 2 armed guards. Any personnel participating in any experimentation involving SCP-214 are subject to mandatory psychological evaluation. Refusal of evaluation is punishable by reprimand and possible termination.

Description: SCP-214 appears to be an abstract sculpture of what can be described as a frog or toad, built out of a still unknown metal that resists both electrical conductivity and kinetic force. All attempts to physically deform or destroy SCP-214 have met with failure, due to its severe psychological effects.

When viewed directly, SCP-214 has been observed to affect a manic temperament in those who view it for any length of time, the effects increasing exponentially over time. This has been seen in every personnel subjected to SCP-214, with the only method of protection being the use of red, which somehow blocks SCP-214's influence. Only complete concealment behind red tinted acrylic glass has shown to be effective, as the use of red tinted glasses has done nothing to protect test subjects in the past.

SCP-214 was discovered after continuous reports of abnormal psychological behavior amongst the population of ███ ████, ███████. Foundation agents were dispatched, and an investigation revealed the source to be SCP-214, displayed outside an art studio. All personnel involved in its transportation to Site 19 were terminated after displaying extreme hyperactivity and aggression.

Addendum: See Experiment Log 214-1ac

Experiment Log 214-1ac
{Effects of 214 on Personnel D-0966, duration: 47 Minutes, 33 Seconds}

0:05:34 – Subject appears energetic, increase of serotonin detected.

0:10:21 – Subject begins to speak impulsively about the experiment.

0:20:55 – Speech grows more rapid, subject becomes irritated.

0:26:01 – Subject reports hallucinations regarding SCP-214, claims SCP-214 has begun to dance

0:34:12 – Subject grows more and more aggressive, attempts to attack SCP-214 whilst screaming angrily at research personnel.

0:40:22 – Subject’s mania grows exponentially, serotonin levels recorded at 550%

0:47:22 – Subject dies from severe trauma while attempting to breach SCP-214’s containment unit with his cranium.

It is to be noted that once a subject has been exposed to SCP-214, the level of mania is maintained even after removal from SCP-214’s presence. After 48 hours have passed, subject’s behavior returns to normal. Experimentation with short, controlled doses of SCP-214’s influence have shown an increase in productivity amongst Class D personnel. Possible use of SCP-214 on personnel has been suggested in the future.

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