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Item #: SCP-216

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Do not allow SCP-216 to come in contact with any free-standing water. Containment area for SCP-216 is to be held at 0% humidity at all times. No living things may come in contact with SCP-216 without full body hazmat containment suits. If any vibration is observed from SCP-216, clear the containment area immediately and seal all containment doors.

Any and all personnel entering or leaving the containment area must submit to a psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-216 is a smooth spheroid roughly the size of a standard baseball. Its atomic structure appears to be a form of super-dense metallic element, exceeding 20 g/cm3. The object appears to be nearly impossible to damage in any way, estimates putting it above 10 on Mohs scale of hardness. SCP-216 absorbs any and all H2O that it comes in contact with. After absorbing its own mass in water, it will begin to vibrate for thirty seconds, after which it will expel a super-heated blast of steam at extremely high pressure. This steam wave has the force of a pyroclastic flow and can extend as far as several hundred meters from SCP-216.

Subjects coming in contact with SCP-216 will immediately lose all H2O contained in their bodies. Subjects appear to be almost instantly mummified. Some human subjects have reported a strong desire to touch the surface of SCP-216 with bare hands when in the containment chamber. This fades quickly, but can persist for several days in some subjects.

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