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SCP-219 being displayed at the Residential Section of Site-17

Item #: SCP-219

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently SCP-219 poses no threat to any personnel within the facility. SCP-219 requires no special procedures except that it be housed in an appropriately sized containment cell and monitored at all times for any changes in position and behavior. Any and all level of personnel are permitted to monitor SCP-219. Currently SCP-219 is being held and studied at Site-17.

Description: SCP-219 appears to be a robotic machine, crudely of humanoid structure weighing 2,000 lbs and standing 8'6” in height. SCP-219 was recovered after a recreational scuba diving group reported to local authorities that they had happened upon, what they believed to be, a robot. Mobile Task Force Theta-3 was dispatched to confirm the rumors and obtain the item upon confirmation. Taking into account tidal drift SCP-219 seems to have been found in the area where the mythological city of Atlantis was said to have sunk. SCP-219 appears to have once been active and mobile. However, it is, as of now, safely assumed that whatever source that previously powered the object has been shut down or disconnected, as SCP-219 has not moved or given any signs of activity since it was brought in. Attempts have been made to reactivate SCP-219, but so far none have proven effective. SCP-219 is engraved with yet to be translated hieroglyphic characters on the torso and shoulder areas. SCP-219 is constructed of an unidentified metal, closely resembling steel in physical properties but who's durability is of a level previously unobserved. Although SCP-219 is presumably inactive and damaged beyond repair, General [EXPUNGED] insists that it be placed under 24-hour observation in the event that SCP-219 spontaneously reactivates. It can also be assumed that whatever damaged SCP-219, damaged it extensively enough to render it permanently inactive. Observations of the inner workings of SCP-219 are limited to viewing through the holes in SCP-219's chassis as the metal it is composed of seems to resist all possible methods of opening. Even the damaged portions are seemingly resistant to all efforts to opening them further. All attempts at internal observation via x-ray have proven ineffective. Due to SCP-219's intimidating design it has been assumed that it previously filled some sort of combat role, as of yet no form of weaponry has been found in or on SCP-219.

Note: I've decided that this is nothing more then an interesting piece of statuary at this point. Thus I'm relocating to this to the front of Agent ██████'s residence.
-Dr. ████████

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