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A photo of SCP-220, aka "La Cruz".

Item #: SCP-220

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-220 is to be kept in its containment unit at all times. Should SCP-220 be removed, it is to be closely monitored by a minimum of two (2) Level C personnel at all times. When wielded, SCP-220 must be under the jurisdiction of a Roman-Catholic aligned agent. Unless otherwise authorized, SCP-220 is to be returned to its containment unit directly after usage.

Description: SCP-220 is a carved wooden crucifix, measuring at approximately 65 cm by 30 cm. SCP-220 was obtained in ████████, Spain, when reports of suffering tourists began to establish themselves. The predominantly Roman-Catholic ████████ was opened to visitation in 1976, including its local churches and monuments. Case reports state that the town’s church was repelling the tourists, causing extreme cases of depression and joint pains. SCP-220 was confiscated in 1978 from the church during a visitation to ████████ by [DATA EXPUNGED].

The object dates back to the late 1500s, when it was utilized as a tool of torture. The aura that it emits repels and brings damage to those who are in a twelve (12) meter radius and are not devout followers of the Roman-Catholic faith. If personnel are pious believers in the religion, they will be unharmed by SCP-220.

If a member of any other faith is exposed to SCP-220, they will undergo an extended tortuous process. At any time the victim can be removed from the aura’s radius and the suffering will cease. Effects are immediate, and the process begins with what has been described as a “pounding headache and horrible joint ache”. If exposed to the aura for approximately three (3) minutes, the victim will form scorch marks, starting at the 1st degree. At approximately four (4) minutes the burns are to the 3rd degree and at five (5) minutes the flesh of the victim begins to peel from the body. As strips of flesh are torn from the victim, they often beg for mercy, and cry out their life’s sins, as if in confession. If exposed to SCP-220 for longer than approximately eight (8) minutes, the victim will perish.

Personnel D0834 is a case example of SCP-220’s aftereffects. Formally Agent █████, D0834 returned to Site-19 with SCP-220 in 1978 and began authorized experimentation. D0834 found that SCP-220 could be used as a means of containment for other SCPs, and labeled it with codename “La Cruz”. Growing attachment to the object caused D0834 to further his investigations on test subjects, resulting in the termination of three (3) unauthorized civilians. D0834 is to be kept from SCP-220 at all times, and is to be restrained when in the vicinity of the item.

Document 220-006C: Examination of Personnel D0834

Dr. Mendoza: Tell me again, Peter, why you did what you did.
D0834: What I did was God’s work.
Dr. Mendoza: Yes, all right, why did God ask this of you?
D0834: He wishes for purity.
Dr. Mendoza: And you don’t think that’s God’s domain? Surely he should not need employ his children.
D0834: I only aid him in his crusade.
Dr. Mendoza: Crusade? He wants an ethnic cleansing?
D0834: [Unintelligible]
Dr. Mendoza: Peter, you’re no longer authorized to wield 220.
D0834: No agency can keep me from God.
Dr. Mendoza: Alright, Dr. Carlucci will speak with you now.

[Conversation ends]
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