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Item #: SCP-223

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object must be contained within an entirely nonmetallic facility no less than 3 km from any civilian-accessible area. Personnel are required to surrender all metallic objects or electronic devices of any sort before entry is allowed, and must undergo no less than four consecutive checks for any metallic material on their person before being admitted entry to facility. Personnel with implants (pacemakers, etc.) or eyeglasses are not to be admitted. Object is to be contained in a room separated from the rest of the facility. No air traffic is allowed within a radius of 3 km. Illumination is to be provided either via combustion or chemical reaction- electrically powered lighting does not function within a 1.07 km radius of the object.

Description: Unremarkable iron claw hammer, apparently well used. Head and handle are fashioned from the same piece of iron. Standard and unremarkable 1992 penny is attached to the side of the head. Object placed in the care of Site-72 on March 14, 2005. Origins unknown. Object exhibits extraordinarily strong magnetic field, affecting even nonmagnetic metals. Nonmetallic objects and living tissue appear to be unaffected. Effect increases at an exponential rate as proximity to object increases. All attempts to separate penny from object SCP-223 have been unsuccessful (approximately 151,240 N [34,000 lb] of force were applied- penny was moved from its original position by 1.47 millimeters). Maximum effective range of object is unknown but has been observed as far as 1.16 km away.

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