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Item #: SCP-224

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-224 is to be stored in a soundproof enclosure with acoustic destructive interference nodes. Nodes must be replaced on a monthly basis by remote means; personnel are not to enter the enclosure until a safe method of close study is developed.

Description: SCP-224 appears to be a black and gold grandfather clock. Its hands do not move with any known consistency, and chimes occur at non-regular intervals ranging from approximately one minute to several months. The chimes have an anomalous acoustic signature that causes a drastic local temporal acceleration. Objects in range age centuries in a matter of seconds. The enclosure and the acoustic nodes dampen this effect to negligible levels within the facility, but the nodes must be replaced often due to the artifact's effects.

Addendum: Personnel are not to enter the enclosure. These precautions have been put in place since the regrettable incident wherein facility personnel were present when the artifact's properties first manifested.

Dr. ████████ has requested permission to attempt the termination of SCP-682 using SCP-224; ████████ believes that the extreme aging might prevail in destroying the creature where all other attempts have failed. Conversely, Dr. ███ suggests that not enough is known of SCP-682, and that its powers might increase with age. The request is currently pending approval from the ████████.

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