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Item #: SCP-225

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-225 is to be contained in the 1st drawer of Dr. ███████████'s desk. Any attempt to obtain SCP-225 must be cleared through him first. In case of an emergency, in which SCP-225 is needed to deal with an appropriate SCP object that requires no sight, personnel may obtain use of the object granted they report it and return it when possible.

Description: SCP-225 resembles a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. They differ by preventing 100% of all electromagnetic radiation from passing through them. At first, it was deemed the lenses were the cause, and were quickly removed and replaced. Once removed, they functioned as normal filter lenses, but the newer lenses adopted the same characteristic. It is unknown how they are able to do so as of this time.

They were discovered by accident. Sgt. ███████, of the LAPD, received the glasses as a gift. Upon wearing them, he mentioned lack of transparency and attempted to return them. Unfortunately, the glasses were purchased from a street cart somewhere in the "Chinatown area". The glasses were then left in Sgt. ███████'s desk until his death. SCP managed to obtain the item when Agent ██████ was undergoing training with the LAPD. She was given the glasses as a gift, and turned them into SCP custody when their properties were discovered.

Plans were underway to transfer SCP-225 to █████████, until Dr. ███████████ conducted a neutrino test. Under intense bombardment of neutrinos, it was found that the lenses that were inside of the glasses were able to block the passage of roughly 40% of neutrinos, or roughly the equivalent to one light-years thickness of lead. Further study and containment have been ordered in hopes of developing similar technologies.

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