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Item #: SCP-225

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-225 is to be kept in a sealed chest at all times. The chest it is contained in must be filled with tropical vegetation at all times. Room temperature must always be 22 degrees Celsius or higher. Personnel assigned to study this object must be unarmed; otherwise item SCP-225 will deem them hostile and attack. Personnel are required to wear Class IV biohazard suits. In case of a suit being ruptured the compromised personnel will be subject to an x-ray examination and a cavity search. If the item is not found on their person and they have not been cut or injured in any way, they are subjected to a final examination before being released.

Description: Item SCP-225 usually takes its form as a small dagger of Aztec or Mayan origin. The object, however, is able to morph into any dagger, knife or sword. There are reports on SCP-225 assuming the size and shape of a katana.

SCP-225 seems to draw any humans towards it. Regardless of their nationality or tongue, Class D test subjects have been observed to slowly walk towards the dagger while speaking in what appears to be an as of yet unrecognized South American language. The subjects will then attempt to cut themselves, attack others with the weapon, or attempt to hide the weapon on their person. Its pull reaches out up to 25 feet. Personnel exposed to the object outside its chest report feelings of euphoria, delusions of grandeur; some have been recorded falling into a trance-like state. When interviewed, they have mentioned a strong desire to attempt to sacrifice themselves to an unknown entity.

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