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SCP-227. Note the SCP Foundation tracking team in the background.

Item #: SCP-227

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Despite its alarming appearance, SCP-227 poses no threat to human life in the wild, save through accidental death. However, the entity reacts violently to all attempts to capture it or build a containment facility around it. For this reason, SCP-227 is to be monitored in the wild. Foundation Personnel are to monitor it through radio and visual tracking at all times.

To safeguard the civilian population and prevent knowledge of SCP from leaking, access to SCP-227's home territory (██████████████, NV) is to be limited to approved personnel only. Civil Authorities have designated the area a nuclear test area, and will enforce a no-fly zone in a surrounding ████ km radius. Said no-fly zone will be enforced by two (2) F-██ ██████ fighter aircraft with orders to fire upon any aircraft attempting to enter said no-fly zone. Trespassers will be brought into custody and interrogated, then reassigned as Class-D personnel. Attempts to resist apprehension or escape custody will be responded to with deadly force.

Description: SCP-227 is a silicon-based life form approximately 10m in height, with a vaguely humanoid body form, save that its head is replaced by a polyp-like structure 2m in diameter. The entity appears to feed on small insects sifted from the sand in a manner similar to the filter-feeding behavior exhibited by marine cephalopods and some cetaceans.

The siliconate skin is quite resilient, and has been observed to turn small-arms fire. Tests on shed carapaces indicate that a moderately powerful shaped charge, as from a light antitank weapon or rocket-propelled grenade, can pierce the exterior armor. No information on SCP-227's internal body structure is available at this time.

The entity exhibits considerable speed and strength, and has been observed lifting vehicles weighing in excess of 3 tons with little to no effort. This is the proximate cause of most deaths attributed to SCP-227, as the entity also seems to have some level of intelligence, exhibiting learning behavior and marked curiosity to new stimuli. Several staff members were accidentally killed due to the entity's "play" behavior, resulting in the enforcement of a 500 meter safe zone to prevent future incidents. Should SCP-227 express curiosity, personnel are advised to remain still until the creature loses interest, as flight will trigger a chase instinct in the entity. Casualties among docile personnel are an acceptable 35%, mostly nonfatal injuries such as broken bones, bruises, and dislocated limbs. The fatality rate among personnel who attempt to flee, however, is closer to 95%, with crushing by trampling the most common cause of death.

SCP-227 has been observed excreting diamonds as part of its waste, presumably due to crystallization of ingested carbon through some unknown internal process. Although the diamonds thus formed are not of gemstone quality, the minerals still have useful industrial applications. D-Class personnel may be used to harvest these diamonds, although they must, of course, be closely monitored to prevent theft or escape.

Addendum 227-a: Studies of older Foundation records indicate that SCP-227 has increased in body mass 50% since its initial discovery in ████, with no indications of slowing down its rate of growth. It is believed that, at this rate of growth, SCP-227 will [DATA EXPUNGED]

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