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Item #: SCP-234

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-234 should be kept in a room no less than ten metres wide, and ten metres tall, with walls of reinforced concrete no less than one metre in diameter. It should have at least one conventional, incandescent light operating at all times for security purposes.

Description: SCP-234 is a stone statue of what appears to be a Blue Goddess which was found in ███████████ on the 8th of March 19██.

Containment was stated as 'complicated' as the locals claimed SCP-234 only preferred the company of females and was known to 'destroy' men.

When in the company of females, SCP-234 is still and inactive. All female Level 2 employees report feeling quite euphoric and happy, even exchanging smiles to one another while being in the presence of the statue.

All CAT scans, X-rays, and standard medical tests have come back with normal results for exposed female employees, the only observable physiological change being an increased level of serotonin after their 6 hour watch.

When a male Class D Personnel was placed in the room, SCP-234 did not change its appearance, but female employees watching over the statue remarked that their moods had altered and reported symptoms described as those of Premenstrual Syndrome, and have been observed shouting at and threatening Class D Personnel.

When all female watchers left the chamber the temperature was observed to drop slightly.

However, when a single male Class D Personnel was left alone in the room, the statue was reported to glow, hover towards the subject and deliver a 'shock' which left the subject dead instantly. Following autopsy, no marks had been discovered on the body, but all internal organs had been liquefied beyond recognition.

The same experiment was carried out on groups of 3, 6, 9, and 12 male Class D personnel, all of whom were killed simultaneously in the same manner.

The only instance in which a group of male Personnel are believed to be safe is one in which there is at least 1 female chaperone, in which case the male Class D personnel only reported feeling uncomfortable and paranoid.

Female watchers asked to take a polygraph test and report on their observations of SCP-234 generally described feelings of intense happiness and "seeing Peace on Earth." When asked to describe how they felt when a man entered the room, the subjects appeared uncomfortable, and stated that men should not be within the enclosure.

Attempts to destroy the statue through ballistic or explosive means as of yet have been unsuccessful, as the statue has been demonstrated to be nearly indestructible through conventional means. The use of other SCPs to destroy or dispose of SCP-234 is currently under investigation.


All female 'watchers' must have at least Level 2 security clearance. They are not permitted to touch or remain in eye contact with SCP-234 for longer than 15 minutes. All female personnel found to be staring at the statue excessively will be removed at once and kept in quarantine.

All Class D personnel must be checked for mental instability prior to entering. Under no circumstances are Class D personnel within the enclosure to be armed in any way.

Dr. ██████ has proposed the use of SCP-113 in gaining more watchers. The procedure remains to be tested.

Document #234-1: Watching protocol

All female watchers must take 6 hour shifts and must remain no longer than that time.

All female watchers must not be menstruating at the time of watching as this has led to ecstatic visions and in some cases infertility through unexplained womb prolapse.

Similarly, pregnant watchers have not yet been introduced into the chamber for fear of birth defects or miscarriage although [DATA EXPUNGED] in late ███████████ plans were made for a ███████████ to be introduced into the chamber.

Should SCP-234 decide to move, all personnel are to evacuate immediately, providing that the emergency containment cage (above SCP-234) has not failed to drop, in which case all personnel present within the enclosure are to be terminated.

Under no circumstances are Watchers, male or female, to touch SCP-234 as in [DATA EXPUNGED] involving two female watchers who had [DATA EXPUNGED].

Should any watcher come under telepathic communication with the statue (which has not yet occurred), they are to not respond and to leave the area at once to undergo testing.

Watchers must not be armed.

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