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One of SCP-237's homunculi. According to his wishes, his official photograph is not included here: Please see SCP Personnel file for more information

Item #: SCP-237

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-237 is to be kept in normal quarters for on-site Foundation Personnel, provided that they do not violate any standard procedures. In addition, SCP-237 is to be provided an adjacent workspace with any required supplies or equipment in order to carry out his work, including but not limited to clay, casting wax, resin, paints, and tools.

When in the field, SCP-237's creations are to be monitored by supervising personnel in order to assure that they are not observed by outsiders, in order to maintain the security of on-site personnel.

Description: SCP-237 is an ordinary Japanese male, approximately 23 years of age, 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) in height, with a weight of around 77 kg (170 lb). True name is ███████ ██████████. Aside from a slight case of agoraphobia (often referred to in his culture as hikikomori) and his special ability, SCP-237 is otherwise a perfectly ordinary human specimen.

SCP-237's unusual abilities are only manifested through his hobby: the sculpting and creation of miniature figures, normally of human beings. Although SCP-237 normally utilizes commercially available resin kits of popular anime and comic-book characters, he does occasionally make custom-built statues from scratch. In the latter cases, upon contact between SCP-237's lips and its own, the figure will immediately become animate and sapient. These statuettes (hereafter referred to as "homunculi") have a wide variety of personalities, often corresponding to so-called "moe" stereotypes. These statuettes have included:

  • A 23 cm tall female model of a human female in a French maid's outfit, holding a deck broom (named "Shirley").
  • A 19 cm tall female in revealing swimwear with feline ears, tail, and paws (named "Myuu-Chan").
  • A 25 cm tall female in a close-fitting leather uniform with a zipper open past its navel ("Ritsu").
  • A 27 cm tall male in a period samurai costume, wearing a turquoise-blue happi coat with white triangular markings on the sleeves, consistent with those worn by the historical Shinsengumi ("Soji Okita").
  • An infant (pictured above) named "Kotaro-Chan," nude.
  • A photorealistic figure of a human male with flensed skin, named "Slim".
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-237 is no longer allowed access to "guro" pornography or other similar material.

Through experimentation, SCP-237's abilities to animate nonliving objects seems to have the following limits.

  • SCP-237 must construct the figure from scratch, modeling it without resorting to pre-made molds or kits: SCP-237 claims that this is because he needs to "████ ██ ████" into a piece in order to animate it.
  • There is an apparent upper limit of 2 kg of material that can be animated at a time.
  • Pre-existing character designs will animate so long as SCP-237 does not utilize commercially available kits (see entry re: "Gally-chan," "█████████," and "██████ ████████").
  • SCP-237 must give the homunculus a unique name: see Addendum 237-B.
  • Homunculi must have physical skin-to-surface contact with SCP-237 for at least one second every ██ hours. Failure to do so will result in the homunculus falling into a dormant state. Should the homunculus remain dormant for more than █ ██████, the animating influence will dissipate, and reanimation will become impossible.
  • Homunculi cannot remove sculpted-on clothing, although the clothing will flow and move normally. This can be bypassed by utilizing ████ ████.
  • Sculpted weapons will not become functional upon animation. Miniaturized weaponry is to be provided by SCP artisans when needed. Please see Appendix 237-A, "Specifications for Homunculus Equipment" for details.
  • Should the homunculus suffer destruction of its head or more than 50% of the rest of its body mass, it will immediately lose its animating influence and become inert.
  • Homunculi must obey all orders given to them by SCP-237.

Aside from these differences, homunculi created by SCP-237 otherwise appear to be normal statuettes and are indistinguishable from identical homunculi without animating influences.

Although certain homunculi have at times expressed violent and hostile intentions, their small size and vulnerable nature have made termination relatively easy. In addition, SCP-237 himself seems relatively harmless, expressing a desire to simply be left alone and allowed to build his statues in peace. For these reasons, SCP-237 is to be classified as Safe and kept under Foundation protection.

Addendum 237-A: Circumstances of Acquisition On ██-██-████, Foundation Personnel received an unsolicited priority mail package from an unknown address. Following thorough scanning for threats, the package was deemed safe and opened in a blastproof isolation chamber by Class D Personnel. Contents of the package were a single 22 cm figure in the shape of a stylized female (in the artform commonly known as "anime") dressed in a swimming costume consistent with those used by Japanese junior high school females.

Object described itself as "Nene" and relayed a message from SCP-237: SCP-237's abilities had apparently attracted the attention of Chaos Insurgency members, resulting in his kidnapping and capture. Chaos Insurgency then proceeded to utilize SCP-237 in several operations, including espionage (through implanted bugs), dangerous object retrieval, and █ assassinations. Having learned of the existence of the SCP Foundation from overheard conversations, SCP-237 carried out a complicated operation to relay a message to the Foundation, utilizing multiple blind drops and alternate routes to send the package to SCP personnel without drawing the attention of the Insurgency. Having delivered its message, "Nene" then ceased activity.

Retrieval operations took place on ██-██-████. Foundation Mobile Task Forces Alpha-9 ("Valkyrie Knights") and Zeta-7 ("Bad Boys") carried out a tandem operation at 2357 hours, with Alpha-9 securing the facility and providing perimeter support while Zeta-7 retrieved SCP-237 and several other objects of interest. Casualties were acceptable, and the operation was completed satisfactorily.

As per the terms of his retrieval, SCP-237 has agreed to provide the Foundation with a pool of homunculi for strategic purposes. At present, there have been twelve (12) homunculi who have either served prior, or are currently serving, as Foundation Personnel. A list of these homunculi may be found in Addendum 237-B.

Addendum 237-B: Active Homunculus Personnel

  • Unit 237-1, "Junko." 24 cm female in the form of an office lady. Current Status: Destroyed (See Mission Log 237-1-X, "Deadman's Bluff.")
  • Unit 237-2, "Adele." 23 cm avian (penguin). Current Status: Appended to Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") as needed for underwater scouting missions.
  • Unit 237-3, "Ringo." 22 cm female in the form of a gothic lolita. Current Status: Missing, Presumed Lost.
  • Unit 237-4, "Atsuko." 21 cm female in the form of a gymnast. Current Status: Appended to Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") as needed.
  • Unit 237-5, "Nanami." 23 cm female in the form of a female samurai. Current Status: Active. Contact Assistant Director ███████ to requisition.
  • Unit 237-6, "████████." ██ cm ██████ in the form of a █████. Current Status: Appended to Mobile Task Force █████-█ for assassination and information retrieval missions.
  • Unit 237-7, "██████." [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Unit 237-8, "Jiminy Cricket." 9 cm insectoid. Current Status: Appended to ██ ██████████ as personal assistant.
  • Unit 237-9, "Mouse." 10 cm rodent. Current Status: Following partial destruction of unit rendering it unfit for service, Unit now serves as companion and plaything for SCP-529.
  • Unit 237-10, "Skullface." 24 cm skeletal creature. Current Status: Active.
  • Unit 237-11, "Mephistopheles," 30 cm demon. Current Status: Active.
  • Unit 237-12, "Lil' Able." 30 cm male. Current Status: Destroyed by SCP-076.

Addendum 237-C: Further Research
As of ██-██-████, permission is granted to test SCP-237 in conjunction with the following SCPs: SCP-040, SCP-173, SCP-030. Please contact O5-█ if you wish to make suggestions for further experimentation.

Addendum 237-D: Memorandum
Does anyone else think it's a bit suspicious, the way that 237 was retrieved? The Chaos Insurgency didn't seem to put up much of a fight, and he was able to get his message out pretty easily. In addition, we've basically marked him as "Safe," and let him do his own thing. Did it occur to no one else that we could have created a massive security breach? Consider the fact that no one has established a bottom limit for the amount of mass he needs to animate an object. Did anyone think to monitor every ounce of clay and resin 237 uses to make sure he isn't putting any aside for his own purposes?

Now think about this: in the time that he's been at Site-██, 237 has had enough time to build, animate, and train hundreds of minions: it's possible that he could have a small army of 15 mm minions ready to act. Now imagine what kind of chaos a small army of tiny homunculi could do if he deployed them throughout a Foundation site and told them to start breaching SCP containment: a few grams of clay in the right places (like inside computer and electrical circuitry, jamming up the drains, gumming up gears and servos) could shut us down. Are we sure that 237 can be trusted? When was the last time someone did a full psych evaluation? Is anyone else worried that he seems to have lost interest in sculpting pretty girls and seems to spend more time making demons and monsters lately?
- Dr. ████

Addendum 237-E: Memorandum
Based on what SCP-237 just created as his latest little toy, I move to have him reclassified to Euclid immediately, perhaps even Keter.
- Dr. ████

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