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SCP-240's maiden flight. All individuals pictured confirmed to be founding members of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Item #: SCP-240

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-240 is to be kept in the Secure Artifact Storage Facility in Site-██. Due to its age and delicate construction, SCP-240 must be kept in a vacuum sealed container with humidity and temperature levels constantly monitored and controlled. Any testing done with SCP-240 must have prior approval from Dr. ███████ and must have at least one trained artifact preservation specialist present.

Description: SCP-240 is a flying machine constructed in 1934 that operates by deriving power from the user's own breath. However, it is currently unknown exactly how the mechanism operates. What is known, however, is that SCP-240 is able to convert the carbon dioxide the user exhales into thrust, which is propelled out of the exhaust tubes and provides forward motion and lift. However, despite knowing this, the operation of SCP-240 still manages to defy all known physical laws and mechanics involving flight. SCP-240 is not aerodynamic, its exhaust nozzles are not configured in a way to produce efficient thrust, and there are no proper surfaces that can create lift for the craft.

Detailed analysis of SCP-240 reveals that it is constructed out of materials that could easily be found in the early twentieth century. Despite this, Foundation scientists have so far been unable to successfully duplicate the carbon dioxide conversion mechanism that is key to the operation of SCP-240. In test flights, it has been shown that airspeed, altitude, and duration of flight are all highly dependent on various factors such as the environment, weather conditions, lung capacity, forced vital capacity, expiratory reserve volume, and general health of the pilot. On average, a pilot will be able to fly at altitudes of roughly two meters with an airspeed of roughly six knots for ten minutes.

SCP-240 was originally found in 19██, when the FBI raided the home of [DATA EXPUNGED], who was one of the descendents of "Dr. Kocher", one of the five co-founders of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The FBI warrant stated that they were to arrest [DATA EXPUNGED] and search his home on the charges of fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. SCP-240 was discovered inside the home and was taken as evidence. Its extranormal capabilities were not discovered until three years later, when an evidence clerk casually blew into SCP-240 and was thrown across the room, suffering a broken nose and three fractured ribs. SCP-240 was immediately transferred to the Foundation while a nonfunctioning replica was handed over to the UIU. Due to the age and relative obscurity of SCP-240, it was not difficult to manufacture material discrediting any proof of its existence as a hoax.

I swear to God, it's going to be Keter duty for the next idiot who decides to slip in some crass sexual jokes into their lab reports! -Dr. ███████

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