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Item #: SCP-240

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-240 is to be provided with any furnishings he requests, with the exception of any communication devices. His room is to remain unlocked, as SCP-240 becomes highly agitated under any potential obstruction from human presence. The room is to be under constant video observation. SCP-240 is allowed to go to the cafeteria or to the gym with permission from one Level 2 personnel and the accompaniment of one Level 1 personnel. If SCP-240 shows any signs of anxiety, he is to be returned to his room and his door locked. If SCP-240 has a seizure, Dr. Stephen ███████ is to called for assistance. SCP-240 has specifically requested that he be distanced from SCP-050 at all times. (See Addendum 260-1) SCP-240 is to be provided with whatever literature he wants: he appears to enjoy ancient Greek plays the most. He should also be given a bottle of ouzo on major Christian holidays, or when he asks for one with particular vehemence.

Description: SCP-240 is an apparently human male of Mediterranean Greek descent, 5’8” tall and weighing 146 lbs. He is anatomically similar to an average human being and has the same needs; he must eat, drink, sleep, breath, in order to survive, but he has not shown signs of aging. His physical age is estimated to be either late twenties or early thirties, but the exact number of years is unknown. Asked to clarify his age for the first time upon arrival to the facility, SCP-240 replied that he, “Told that arrogant ass to beware the Ides of March. But did he believe me? No. Do they ever believe me? No, no, no.” SCP-240 has regarded all attempts to verify his age with vague references to moments in history, from as far back as the Bronze Age of Greece, but never earlier than that. This leads to the conclusion that SCP-240 is at least 3,000 years old, or lying to amuse himself.

SCP-240 was first seen by Agent ████ in New Orleans, on August █, 200█. He was found walking along Bourbon Street, acting severely agitated and screaming detailed forecasts of death, destruction, and celebrity scandal. Dismissing this incident as insanity, Agent ████ thought nothing of it until several weeks later, after Hurricane Katrina struck Luisianna, when she began to show signs of psychological trauma. Agent ████ was subjected to grief counseling, while SCP-240 was sought down and soon apprehended.

SCP-240 has sudden predictions of the future. He can control this ability in minor cases, though it tends to take him over unprovoked. These predictions come to him accompanied with symptoms such as mild anxiety to violent seizures. SCP-240 claims that this depends on “the amount of despair an occurrence will cause.” SCP-240 only seems capable of seeing disastrous pieces of the future, though he once commented to Dr. Stephen ███████, “Oh, and congratulations, you underpaid piece of mule shit, on finally proposing to your girlfriend.”

Despite previous evidence that he is almost always accurate, all personnel who hear a prediction spoken by SCP-240 instantly consider his words to be crazy, unbelievable, absolutely illogical. If asked about it, they assume an aloof demeanor and insist that there is no possibility of his predictions being true. Women tend to joke about the predicted disaster in a nervous way, though they remain doubtful, and men tend to be wholly condescending. After the predicted event takes place, those who witnessed SCP-240 speak of it descend into depression, stating a realization that they were wrong. Many recover quickly, while many wonder aimlessly if they would have been able to prevent a disaster; as of this time, two personnel who committed suicide have mentioned SCP-240 in their final notes. Personnel who hear SCP-240 predicting the future are required to see a psychiatrist, no matter how “idiotic” or foolish the idea may seem at first.

SCP-240, who calls himself “Cassander,” expresses exasperation each time a person disbelieves him, but accepts it with practiced calm. He will become violently angered, if the subject is pressed and he is patronized. Though SCP-240 shows an affinity for creative curse words and is rarely kind by any standard, often cynical and sarcastic, he has an obsession with human contact. He will initiate conversation with anyone; speaking with him is acceptable, but caution is advised.

Addendum 240-1: SCP-240 experienced a massive seizure on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon recovery, SCP-260 did not state any specific predictions, but requested that special requirements be taken to distance him from SCP-050. It is unknown if SCP-240 has had any previous interaction with SCP-050 in the past. Dr. Stephen ███████, who was called to attend SCP-240 during his seizure and who is familiar with the subject, says that SCP-240 seemed uncharacteristically frightened after the episode. When later questioned about this request, SCP-240 responded with tangible sarcasm that he’d, “…rather postpone that pleasant meeting as long as possible, thank you so very much.”

SCP-050 has not made any mention of SCP-240.

Addendum 240-2: SCP-240 has been observed having nightmares. He speaks the same phrase out loud in his sleep multiple times without pause, “He does not like me. He does not like me. He does not like me.”

Memo: Personnel are reminded that is not proper behavior to ask SCP-240 to predict the outcome of football games, as a means of confusing people before placing bets. Personnel are further reminded that this is a respectable facility, and not a bookie office.

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