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Item #: SCP-242

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the fact that SCP-242 is a non-sentient and inactive object, relatively little security is needed for it. However, due to incident 242-001 (See Additional Notes) it has been determined that any personnel wishing to use this SCP must have at least level 2 authorization, and have undergone psychological examination.

Description: SCP-242 is a small hand mirror, roughly twelve (12) cm wide, and twenty-seven (27) cm long, including a ten (10) cm handle. The frame is gold filigree embedded with diamonds.

Any person peering into the mirror will see not their reflection, but their true nature. SCP-242 reveals a person's innermost personality, and leaves no doubt as to what kind of person the holder is. Although the subject using SCP-242 understands what they are seeing, it has been consistently described as difficult to describe to others.This makes it impossible to determine how it can convey such complex thoughts through a single image. Dr. ███████ has suggested SCP-242 may employ memetic forms of communication.

Additional Notes: Incident 242-001

Previously, SCP-242 did not require authorization for access. On ██-██-████, staff member ████ ██████ used SCP-242. Seconds after he entered, SCP-242 was thrown violently through the room's window, and the staff member screamed. ████ ██████ seemed severely upset by what he had seen, and before other personnel could intervene proceeded to commit suicide by slashing his throat with a shard of glass.

Despite going through a window and slamming into a wall, SCP-242 was not damaged. SCP-242 reclassified as 'Euclid' following this incident.

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