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Item #: SCP-245

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-245 is to be kept in a 10 m x 10 m containment room, located in Site-██, within ███████, Russia. The containment room is to be kept at a maximum temperature of 4 K (-269°C). The area within the containment unit is to be covered with at least 1 m (3 ft) of snow over frozen dirt. The walls of the containment unit must be coil-heated to a temperature of at least 623 K (350°C). Despite the obvious difficulties with maintaining such an elaborate containment unit, any deviation may result in a catastrophic escape of SCP-245.

Description: SCP-245 appears to be a large gorilla made entirely out of pale blue, translucent ice. It is roughly 2.5 m tall and 3 m in length when sitting, and weighs approximately one metric tonne. SCP-245 radiates an aura of extreme cold, and anything coming in contact with it is immediately frozen at a temperature of 38 K (-235°C). SCP-245 will than attempt to eat the frozen object.

SCP-245 was discovered by Agent ██████ while he was exploring the northernmost parts of Russia. Agent ██████ discovered that SCP-245 is extremely thermophobic, running from even the slightest amount of heat. Using several heating fans, Agent ██████ managed to herd SCP-245 into several more agents, who proceeded to capture it and move it to Site ██.

Although it is believed that SCP-245 has the ability to freeze the coil-heated walls of its containment unit, its docile nature and thermophobia prevent it. However, if the temperature of the containment unit rises too high, it will attempt to escape, seeking colder climates. Therefore, the strict requirements have been implemented.

SCP-245 has made only one escape attempt to date, during a blizzard in ████. An anti-tank mortar round was fired upon the ground nearby it, crippling it. SCP-245 was captured, and walked with a pronounced limp for the next 3 1/2 weeks, proving it was not indestructible. Only its gentle nature and the continuous demands of 05-█ have prevented the Foundation from attempting to neutralize this SCP.

Overseer 05-█ has made several demands to release SCP-245 back into the wild. Each time, the 05 council has voted unanimously against it. The official statement of 05-█ is recorded in document 245-01.

Document #245-01: 05-█'s official statement.
Dammit, people, this thing has to be put back into its natural habitat. It is an incarnation of one of the primal forces of nature. You can't hope to contain something like that and think nothing will happen. Don't any of you fools see that ever since its capture, the world's temperature has been rising? On catching this, we caused global warming, not severe industrialization. If we don't let this go free soon, there will be severe repercussions.

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