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Item #: SCP-246

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-246 is currently kept in a 3m x 3m room in Site 19. The room contains absolutely no furnishings, as SCP-246 seems to have no use or desire for such items. As SCP-246 poses no threat to human life, it is allowed to freely roam the facility. It should be noted, however, that SCP-246 has no way of manoeuvring stairs, and thus in the unlikely event that it should show hostilities toward any personnel, they are advised to quickly relocate to another floor of the facility.

Description: SCP-246 was discovered in a crater ██ miles to the west of ███████ in Wales. The Foundation’s attention was brought to the object after locals reported seeing a light blazing across the sky towards the ground. When police reported that the object was not simply a meteorite or crashed satellite, Foundation agents were sent in and promptly secured the object.

Judging by SCP-246’s “arms” (one resembles a toilet plunger, the other some kind of whisk); it would appear to be some kind of housework droid, possibly from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although SCP-246’s vocal systems seem to be highly damaged (see below), one of the only things it has been recorded as saying is “EXTERMINATE”, suggesting that it is also programmed to deal with household pests (whether insect, rodent, or both, is unknown).

SCP-246 seems to have been highly damaged, either by entering the atmosphere at high velocity or by the impact. Due to this, many of its systems are offline. Both its “arms” are not functioning, and both its vocal and movement (which apparently utilises [DATA EXPUNGED]) systems are severely impeded. Whether SCP-246’s weakness regarding stairs would be removed if functionality were to be brought back up to 100% is unknown. Attempts are being made to repair SCP-246, though due to its highly advanced technology no progress has been made. SCP-246’s outer shell is impregnable to all forms of screwdriver in the Foundation's possession, though it has been suggested that use of a █████ screwdriver may produce better results.

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