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Item #: SCP-247

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-247 is to be contained in a 3x4x6m cell. SCP-247 must be housed in a lead case with polyethylene padding that conforms to the shape of SCP-247. The case is to be surrounded by an acrylic box which mounted onto a 2.3 meter pedestal which emits 8 vertical lasers on each side that are rigged to an alert system. SCP-247 is to be monitored constantly by cameras placed in all 8 corners of the room. Any personnel who attempt to bypass the security system without authorization are to be restrained immdiately. If any personnel manage to seize SCP-247, they are to be relieved of SCP-247 and summarily terminated.

Description: SCP-247 is a late 18th century dry mariner's compass with a diameter of 4 centimetres. SCP-247 consists of a brass case, a glass cover, a two-pointed iron needle (white for North), and a black face with red lettering and rose. SCP-267 appears to of make by the Dutch East India Company. The rose possesses 16 points, of which the cardinal points of SCP-247 are labelled with the letters "N", "O", "Z" and "W" clockwise representing the Dutch directions "noorden" (north), "oosten" (east), "zuiden" (south), and "westen" (west) respectively. SCP-247 does not to point north, but instead to an unknown destination. Those in extended presence of SCP-247 will feel a maddening urge to possess it. Anyone who holds SCP-247 will follow the direction that SCP-247 points to. The subject cannot be coerced from following SCP-247's guide, not even by the body's staminal limitations. The subject may only be deterred by excessive physical force. Even after being parted from SCP-247, the subject will inconsolably express the desire to re-obtain SCP-247 to continue following its route. The only solution to quelling the subject is by rendering them unconcious. SCP-247 was found on the person of Scottish explorer ██████ ████████████ in the jungles of what is now Western Sri Lanka in ████████ 1938. ████████████ was unconcious and emaciated at the time. When revived and questioned by Ceylonese authorities, he explained that he uncovered it in forest terrain somewhere west of Matale. He proclaimed that the compass was "leading him"; to where, he never disclosed. ████████████ died six days after his capture. In the custody of Ceylon's colonial government, SCP-247 continued to exhibit its effect on several civil servants. SCP-247 was finally apprehended by the Foundation in ████████ of the same year and transported to Site 19.

Addendum-247-01: █/█/42

There has been a substantial number of attempts to leave the premises of Site 19 with SCP-247 since the incident with Doctor Griffith [see Document #247-01 and Interview 247]. It has been requested that SCP-247 be given increased special containment procdedures. Request approved.

Addendum-247-02: █/█/49

The escape attempts with SCP-247 has declined sharply due to the increased security containment procedures, although there are occasional incidents with which there is difficulty arresting the subject. Fixed apprehension methods should be implemented into the security containment procedures.

Document #247-01: Lay synopsis of Doctor Griffith's escape attempt

Doctor Griffith has tried to escape with SCP-247 today. His only justification was "I must find it!" What on earth was he trying to find? Don't worry, he has been detained and we'll soon get to the bottom of this. But we ought to be more prepared for these situations.-Sergeant ████ ███████ of Unit 1/247

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