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SCP-250-1, taken before capture.

Item #: SCP-250

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-250 are to be kept in the Level 4 Biological Hazard Unit, kept in cold storage, separate from all other anomalous material. By no means should any organic bone matter be introduced to SCP-250.

SCP-250-1 is to be contained within 20 m thick steel reinforced concrete walls, possessing a single door constructed of carbon reinforced steel, to be guarded by no less than (4) level 2 security guards. By no means should any personnel be admitted access to SCP-250-1, and all experimentation is to be conducted remotely.

Description: SCP-250 is a complex virus that exclusively affects the structure of dead bone matter. In all recorded cases, any skeleton will become animate 24 hours after exposure to SCP-250, with no regard to the skeleton’s structural integrity. Skeletons animated by SCP-250 possess similar physical attributes as they did when alive, despite lacking any muscular structure. SCP-250 is transmittable by contact, and while it has no effect on living tissue, it can still create carriers who may transmit the virus by secondary contact. If a living creature is killed while carrying SCP-250, no reaction can occur until it enters the bloodstream. Once this condition is fulfilled, the subject’s skeleton will violently tear itself free from the remainder of the corpse, and begin to display aggressive behavior. If SCP-250 is exposed to an incomplete skeleton, missing bone matter will regenerate until the skeletal structure is rebuilt to its original complexity.

SCP-250-1 appears to be the well preserved skeleton of an adult Allosaurus fragilis, exposed to SCP-250 during the █████ Museum incident, and the first confirmed vector of SCP-250. SCP-250-1 displays extremely aggressive behavior towards any moving object, indiscriminately assaulting any and all objects possessing locomotion. Currently, all research regarding SCP-250-1 is devoted to devising a way to dispose of it, as it poses a significant danger if containment were to be breached. Of note is that MRI scans of SCP-250-1 have revealed emission of alpha waves consistent with reptilian mental activity.

Addendum 250-AX: Considering the nature of SCP-250’s regenerative qualities, special care should be taken between cross exposure amongst other SCP objects, especially those similar to SCP-323, SCP-139, and especially SCP-215.

Addendum 250-AY: Taking into consideration that given SCP-250's aggressively contagious nature, some form of outbreak must have occurred prior to the discovery of SCP-250-1. To the contrary, we have found not a single historical reference to an outbreak of this nature, which leads us to believe that SCP-250-1 contracted the virus prior to fossilization. What led SCP-250 to lie dormant for so long is still unknown.

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