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Item #: SCP-254

Object Class: Euclid/Keter (See Errata)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-254 should be handled with extreme care from a distance. Store under heavy compression at standard temperature, preferably in Ga or similar.

Description: Item SCP-254 is invisible to the naked eye. Magnetic resonance tests have shown that the basic shape of item SCP-254 is a perfect geometric sphere. It is believed that the item is the closest terrestrial equivalent to dark matter yet.

Item SCP-254 is to be kept under heavy compression at standard temperature in a room 16' by 16'. SCP 254 is believed to absorb objects that pass into it and recoup their general mass and shape into itself to grow bigger. It is drawn to objects with even the most minuscule mass (>1.5g). However, it cannot absorb elemental gallium, making it the most viable solution for storage.

All personnel planning to work on should be registered HP-29 hazard insured, and should, resources permitting, come no closer than 25 meters to SCP-254.

SCP-254 also shows some low level amounts of sentience. When given the choice between a magnetic resonance machine and a titanium block more massive than the MR machine, SCP-254 absorbed the MR machine. It seems to prioritize its victims with technology and other sentient creatures coming first. In another test, SCP-254 chose three dogs over a block of lead, and in another, two dogs over an MR machine.


1. In all tests, SCP-254 absorbed both objects when given the chance. Radioactive tracing elements were introduced to attempt to track the absorption process. It seemed as if the tracers increased in intensity, then disappeared. (For full report, see file SCP254-T290)

2. It has come to our attention that SCP-254 has been creating massively powerful outward bursts of energy. These energy bursts eradicated most solids they came in contact with, by means of dissolving many intermolecular bonds. Recommend removal from facility and permanent storage under sea.

3. Relocation complete. Exact co-ordinates are ██████████████████, several kilometers under the Aquarius Research Station.

4. High Alert issued. SCP-254 appears to have left its compression chamber, and is currently at an unknown location. As we are not able to detect it directly, ███████████████ are advised to search for sudden drops in a small body of water, unknown disappearance of mass from landmasses, and other such occurrences as possible signs of SCP-254. Re-capture method consists of deploying the Gallium Open Pressure Tank in a trap-like manner. (For full document, see file SCP254-X02)

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