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Item #: SCP-255

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-255 is to be contained within a steel and lead lined case containing a Faraday Cage when not in use to prevent random access to contained software via e-m spectrum. External security measures, including cameras with FLIR, motion detection and audio capacity require monitoring by no less than three security guards with Level 4 clearance who are themselves monitored. Under no circumstances are less than 3 Clearance Level 4 permitted direct access to object at any time. Each personnel with direct access must be in constant view of the other two.

Description: SCP-255 appears to be a program contained on a Lexar 1 gigabyte thumb drive used in role playing games for generating and managing characters for a variety of role playing games. The software appears to be executable directly from the thumb drive, much like the cartridge programs of various gaming consoles from the early 1980's. Writing a typical character for any of these games generally presents no hazard. However, when identifying information of real people are entered, such as their real given name and accompanying photo, their various characteristics appear in the rest of the fields and these same people can be edited. This program came to SCP attention when, while being used by ████████ ██████ daughter at Camp ████, Agent ██████ was edited and placed into the ████ ██████ negotiations opposite █████████ ███████. This event would have gone unnoticed, save that Agent ████ happened to be monitoring the room via surveillance cameras at the moment of editing.

It appears that no less than 15 people have been edited prior to its discovery, including President █████ █ ███ just prior to a G-8 conference.

Addendum -255-01: Security Level 4 personnel performing experimentation on or with this software encoded device must have immediately prior written consent from a Director who must then be observing via a monitoring system. All data must be encrypted and streamed to a secure server in sole use by all 12 directors and then expunged from the computer used in the experiment. Failure to have written permission by O5 will result in the personnel using SCP-255 being edited and released from duty. Under no circumstances will the names, photos or any other pertinent information of a Director ever be entered into the software operations of this device. Should such happen, the viewing personnel will be immediately executed and device will be immediately unplugged.

Addendum -255-02: After limited experimentation using several Class D personnel, it appears that any given person can only be edited once.

Addendum -255-03: Since this software can edit the lives and characteristics of living people, it is recommended that it currently only be used in this fashion when personnel are terminated from the SCP or when they fall victim to mental deterioration from contact with other SCP's.

Addendum -255-04: Use of this program on SCP-062 pending O5 authorization.
Experiment Log 255-f

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