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Item #: SCP-258

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept fully submerged in water holding a temperature of 2-20 degrees Celsius at all times. If water temperature differs from these parameters, the containment room must be locked down and the water tank must be flooded with liquid nitrogen within 90 seconds. A level 4 technician must be informed prior to initiating recovery. Water tank must be completely transparent, preferably multi-pane glass, and must be kept in a fully-lit room. A backup generator must remain connected to the power grid at all times in the event of a power outage. If failure to illuminate the room is met, inform a level 4 technician immediately.

Description: Transported to facility B33 from the facility in area 34 in August 2003 after conclusions were drawn that the latter facility lacked satisfactory backup systems. Object at first appears to be in the shape of an oversized light bulb, but upon closer inspection the glass shape shows similar inscriptions as those found on Item SCP-191. Inscriptions may only be studied through photographs or sketches of the object, as direct eye contact caused blindness in three level 1 lab technicians during the transport of the item. It should be noted that one of these died two days later from brain hemorrhage.

When SCP-258's temperature rises above 34 degrees Celsius, the light emitted increases exponentially. While it is unknown how the energy required to emit such light is generated, the thermal energy from the light is high enough to cause damage to concrete, steel, and other common building materials.

Addendum: Consultation of linguists and historians from various universities has yet to yield any meaningful progress towards translation of the object's inscriptions.

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