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Item #: SCP-259

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-259 is to be kept in a small containment cell, with no special properties. The door should remain locked, simply to prevent abuse.

All level or personnel may view and use the SCP, though the only one with full access to the SCP regardless of normal testing times is Gen. ███████████.

Description: SCP-259 is a large cube of seemingly dense, heavy material, that appears to be metallic. However, when the box is lifted, it feels almost weightless. When placed on any scale, the readout of the scale will show an erroneous result, regardless of type (electronic scales show a blank screen or unrecognizable symbols, while physical scale readouts simply spin).

However, the main interesting property of the object lies in its odd ability to stay in one place, regardless of outside forces. Personnel can pick up the cube, and carry it long distances (longest recorded distance is 64 kilometers), as long as they are touching the object and focusing solely on it. As soon as their attention drifts, the object reappears at the area it was removed from (in this case, its containment cell).

It is currently unknown how the cube manages to "teleport" itself. Tests have shown no deviations in electromagnetic radiation when the object "teleports".

Note: Taking into consideration Document #259-1, the cube may indeed be sentient and telepathic. For this reason, it is advised that personnel do not spend extensive amounts of time with the object. Nobody wants to be the first to discover the nasty side effects of an SCP. ~ M. Beiton

The object was discovered in an industrial warehouse, after a worker submitted himself to a mental institution to be examined because of a cube that "just keeps coming back." The subject seemed to feel that it was a hallucination on his part. Agents were dispatched to examine the cube and secure it if it did, in fact, exist. A short while later, a coworker of the first subject arrived at the warehouse and readily helped us move the box into a holding cell, carrying it himself. For reasons still unknown, the cube did not return to its previous location. The coworker was quickly taken into custody and questioned about the box, with numerous tests run (see Document #259-1). The subject had no answers of value, and has been kept on site ever since for the maintenance and containment of this SCP.

Document #259-1: Transcript of Subject 2's Incarceration

Video and Audio Recording of ██/15/██

Dr. Climan: "What do you know about the cube, Mr. █████?"

Subject 2: "I already told ya, I don't know nothin' about the cube."

Dr. Climan: "How were you able to move the cube without it returning to its previous location?"

Subject 2: "The hell are ya talkin' about, buddy? All I did was pick it up, because your guys acted like it was too heavy for 'em."


Document #259-2: Movement of SCP

On October ██, 20██, one of the cleaning staff was making their rounds in SCP-259's containment chamber, when SCP-259 suddenly vanished. It reappeared a few moments later, dripping with [DATA EXPUNGED]. The staff was questioned, and eventually dismissed. The SCP has not made any similar actions as of 12/8/20███.

Note: "I would remind all staff that while it is a humorous joke to ask new recruits to move the item from its current position, please do so with discretion, as countless hours have been wasted on this already." - Dr. Klein

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