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Item #: SCP-265

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: So far SCP-265 eluded all attempts of capture (see below). Since it can randomly appear nearly anywhere in the area of approximately 310 km2, capturing it is very problematic, and we cannot predict when, and if at all, it will be contained.

Description: All reports and interviews on SCP-265 (see below) agree that it appears to be a black automobile, devoid of any logos or license plating. Appearance is identical to a GAZ M21 Volga. Curiously, even though the production of this model was ceased in 1970, witnesses agree that the car appears to be in pristine state, as if brand new.

SCP-265 has been observed several times in various regions of Poland, driving along the road, always in lonely areas, far from any major urban centers. Most witnesses are civilians (interviewed by undercover SCP agents purporting to be journalists or tourists interested in local gossip), although some of the Foundation agents have also encountered SCP-265 - some by accident, most of them in an attempt to capture and contain it.

While the reported properties of SCP-265 tend to vary somewhat in each report, the following have been claimed:

  • Moving in complete silence (no noise coming from engine or other machinery).
  • Absence of a driver or any other persons inside; the automobile seems to either intelligently move on its own, or is remotely controlled.
  • Ability to reach speed and maneuverability far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary car. Normally, SCP-265 moves at a normal speed expected from a car of its make, but when pursued, it has been observed to accelerate to as much as ███ km/h.
  • At least one civilian claimed to notice an unconscious person in the back seat of SCP-265 and provided a description of the person's appearance; this was later determined to be very similar to ██████ ██████████, who disappeared from his house near the town of ███████ the same day, sometime in the morning.

In addition, SCP-265 has also displayed violent behavior. A civilian, who was in a car during the encounter, claimed that SCP-265 followed him for a minute or two, and then suddenly proceeded to ram his car several times until it was pushed off the road.

On another occasion, Agent ████ (on foot), walking along a road in █████ Mountains, suddenly saw SCP-265 moving slowly towards him on the road; as he was observing it, SCP-265 suddenly swerved to the side, and Agent ████ barely managed to leap aside to avoid getting hit. However, SCP-265 backed off a little, and then proceeded to attack Agent ████ again, apparently with intention to kill. Agent ████ survived by falling prone and playing dead; this appeared to satisfy SCP-265 (or whatever force was controlling it), which drove away.

So far, all attempts at capturing SCP-265 have been unsuccessful. For one, it is impossible to predict where it will appear next; there does not seem to be a pattern to its appearance. Several times, teams of agents have been immediately dispatched to areas where the presence of SCP-265 was reported; however, even if they managed to arrive before SCP-265 has driven away (usually thanks to SCP-265 parking on the edge of the road for a few minutes, which it was observed to do a number of times), the SCP has escaped them as soon as they got close. Attempts to chase with other vehicles were unsuccessful due to the very high speeds that SCP-265 is capable of.

On one occasion, a helicopter had been dispatched to follow SCP-265 from a distance and observe it to determine where it is going, but the helicopter crew reported that SCP-265 disappeared; it drove under an impenetrable thicket of trees and did not emerge from the other side. A team was dispatched to search the area of its disappearance, but found nothing.

Addendum: The description and behavior of SCP-265 bears a striking resemblance to the urban legend about a "black volga", popular in Poland during the communist tenure. According to this legend, the car would be manned by militiamen or KGB officers, kidnapping persons dangerous for the communist regime; other versions accused priests, Jews, vampires or satanists, who would supposedly kidnap victims (usually children) to harvest their organs for rich individuals. It is possible that those rumors were inspired by sightings of SCP-265, and that their temporary cessation was linked to a period of its inactivity.

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