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Item #: SCP-267

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-267 is to remain securely sheathed in a titanium case and secured with a diamond chain to no less than five (5) tonnes of solid rock, preferably bedrock. The sheath-end of SCP-267 must be immersed in water at all times. All gaseous material in and around the object's vault must be composed of no less than 87% argon gas. As ordered by O5-█, any personnel entering a 50 meter radius of SCP-267 must wear appropriate head protection at all times. Under no circumstances are any personnel allowed within a 20 meter radius of the object, nor within direct view of it when the object is improperly contained. A specially designed robotic arm must be used to retrieve SCP-267, and the manipulator hand of the arm must be securely fastened before the retrieval process can commence. Careful consideration must be taken when handling SCP-267; Only [NAMES REDACTED, SEE ADDENDUM] are cleared for access, and the list is to be rotated at least once a week, allowing individuals time to recuperate from the effects of exposure.

Description: SCP-267 is composed of two primary components. The first is a 1.5 meter long shaft of metal which has been flattened and sharpened on one side. Most properties of this metal do not correspond to any known metal or alloy, but it is identifiable by its resistance to all known methods of destruction. It has maintained its original form in temperatures upwards of 20,000 K and under extreme pressure. SCP-267's second componant is a circular disk which attaches the metal shaft to a mahogany handle wrapped in decaying linen. Carbon dating of the handle has revealed the item to be approximately 1300 years old, which has been confirmed by written record.

In uncontrolled situations, SCP-267 propel itself to high speeds, its highest being recorded at 2.5×10^8 m/s. SCP-267 passes through any object with an egg-like shape at 2 mm above the transverse line of the object, remaining parallel to the surface it rests on. This invariably results in the bisection of the target, in the case of human skulls, the bisection being at eye level.

Psychological Effects of Exposure to SCP-267:

While sheathed, but outside of it's containment, SCP-267 seems to draw people's attention to the point of near-idolization. Numerous researchers have reported intense desire to see and hold the weapon, and being awestruck by it's presence while sheathed. When unsheathed to gauge the limits of it's potential psychic appeal, the blade has been recorded to amplify certain emotions and feelings within test subjects. Class D staff with violent tendencies tend to feel a surge of power and strength, whereas the rare mild-mannered Class D feels an amplified feeling of deliverance and an overwhelming sense of justice. In either case, however, caution must be taken, as either type is likely to attack others our of blood-lust under the delusion of justification. These extremes of behavior, as well as several other symptoms displayed by test subjects, share similarities with symptoms of schizophrenia and psychopathy. These are the only documented tests where Class D staff have come into contact with the weapon. While having conclusive results, the mortality rate of participating Class D subjects has been 96%.

Addendum 318:

For all personnel with direct access to SCP-267, please read Document #417-B for debriefing.

Additional Notes:
To date, SCP-267 has claimed 38 known victims, including famous celebrity actress [NAME REDACTED] and professional cat whisperer [NAME REDACTED]. Class D subjects are not tallied in the death toll; including those subjects, the total number dead is upwards of sixty (60).

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