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Item #: SCP-270

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-270 is to be kept in a locked vault at all times, with three seperate locks, to be kept on Site-██. Three unmanned cameras should monitor the vault at all times, at least two manned during an emergency. It is not to be taken out or used without authorization from a personnel with Level 3 security clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-270 is a simple slingshot, made of a plain piece of dark carved wood with two rounded prongs on either side of the top; a rubber strip attached to the upper midsection of each branch, which connect to a rounded white pouch with a single red dot on the center. Closer inspection reveals that the rubber seems bonded to the wood and pouch. This has proven true, and all effots to seperate either proves impossible. This seems similar to the effect of SCP-170.

The wood has proven for all intents and purposes to be completely normal. It is as easy to break as would be expected, and study on samples has shown no unusual properties. The rubber and pouch can be pulled back with ease. However, once released its unusual properties are shown. The rubber pulls the pouch forward at incredible speed. Even weak materials can be hurled with lethal force. This effect is also exponential the farther it it pulled back; at 50% of its estimate maximum length, it has 1000 times the force it had at 25%. For safety reasons, it has never been pulled back more than 55%. The rubber has proved difficult to damage with any current method. The pouch has proved similarly difficult to destroy.

During Test-7, an irregular shaped object was placed into the pouch, exactly on the red dot. Before firing could occur, the Class D personnel noted to researchers that it was now round. Inspection showed that the object had been made into a perfect sphere of the same mass. Further testing has shown that any object placed into the pouch, so long as it touches the dot and the resulting sphere would not be large enough to go beyond the edges of the pouch, will be turned into a sphere, with no other unique properties.

Notes Regarding Capture: SCP-270 was located by ████████ ████████, on the edge of ███████ ██████, ████████. According to in the report filed on his statement to the police, ████████ found SCP-270 in his attic after moving in. He gave it to his son, who then fired a pebble at a tree. It promtly broke the tree in half, and caused damage to the lower level of a house situated beyond the tree. Police and reporters arrived on scene. Nearby Agent soon arrived, taking the object and giving a cover story for the event.

Attempts to find the previous owner of the house turned up nothing but a grave, empty except for five thousand in American Dollars, a faded picture dated to be 100 years old, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to find who created it has found little information beside [DATA EXPUNGED].

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