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Item #: SCP-272

Object Class: Neutralized (previously Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-272 is not to be exposed to open air - behavior of spores in a dry environment is not known, but given both its classification and the results of ordinary fungus spores, it is not recommended that any open-air experiments be conducted. All samples must be transported in a three liter container of sufficiently caustic liquid.

SCP-272 is not to be removed from SCP-442-1 without both Level 4 security clearance and the assistance of SCP 442.

Description: SCP-272 is a grey-black moldlike fungus found beneath a Pacific island that had been rumored to be sinking into the ocean. Growth is slow, and growths can be dissolved with caustic materials and high heat, but quantity is physically incapable of being reduced further than four spores total within a two kilometer radius by any means.

Spores appear to semi-aware of each others' location and send growths toward each other until a tetrahedral lattice has been formed, pulling the spores together. This lattice will form as tightly as possible, breaking up materials in the way of the growths by squeezing until the material is removed from the inside of the lattice. The lattices have proven to be inseparable by ordinary means.

Once this structure is in place, a new spore is generated inside the lattice. Upon completion, the spore will exit through a hole formed on a randomly chosen face of the tetrahedron, which will close approximately thirty seconds after the spore clears the hole. After approximately two minutes, the spore will begin to send out growths to the three spores that formed the face and will eventually form another lattice. The process then repeats itself indefinitely.

Incident 442-1/272
SCP-272 was neutralized when SCP-442 was transported to its location. Underwater cameras showed SCP-442-1 removing its "cloak" (SCP-442-1) and placing it over a nearby growth of SCP-272. SCP-442-1 proceeded to rapidly expand to cover the entire mass.

After approximately ten minutes, SCP-442-1 appeared to retract to its original size and shape and was "put back on" by SCP-442. No further signs of SCP-272 were found. SCP-442 claims SCP-272 is contained within SCP-442-1.

When this claim was questioned, SCP-442 re-immersed itself in the water, located one of the underwater cameras, and directed attention to itself. It then reached "into" SCP-442-1 and removed what appeared to be a small sample of SCP-272. After approximately ten seconds, this specimen was returned to SCP-442-1.

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