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Item #: SCP-273

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 273-1 is to be kept locked in a 1.2mx1.2mx3.66m (4ftx4ftx12ft) foot room with no active light source. One (1) infrared camera should be used to monitor SCP 273-1 at all times. SCP 273-2 requires much less security, and as such, is safe in a secure locker on-site at Storage Site-23. SCP 273-1 is not to have access to SCP 273-2.

Description: SCP 273-1 appears as a small green humanoid, measuring in at 1.22m (4ft). SCP 273-1 carries with it a scalpel, and any attempts at removing the scalpel always results in the death of the personnel, even if removal is successful (see Incident Report 273-A). SCP 273-2 is what seems to be a mannequin roughly the same size as 273-1, with synthetic skin, and has the ability to mimic anybody 273-1 has seen. Instead of the usual hard plastic, in its mimic state 273-2 is identical to the person it’s mimicking, down to the last detail.

SCP 273 was found in an alley behind ████ Hospital, in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Foundation discovered it after a murder report came in, in which a nurse claimed the body of the victim (whom was in the burn ward at the time) started “cutting itself open of its own accord”.

When SCP 273-1 has access to both its scalpel and SCP 273-2, 273-2 mimics the last person(s) to do 273-1 harm. 273-1 then proceeds to dissect the mannequin. Once fully dissected, SCP 273-1 [DATA EXPUNGED]. In all cases, the person 273-2 mimics ends up dead, with all their organs missing.

Incident Report 273-A: On ██ █th, 2██, several Class D personnel were successful in removing 273-1 from his scalpel, and it was stored along with 273-2 at Storage Site-23. Exactly twelve (12) hours later, for roughly ten (10) minutes, the infrared camera shut down. After it came back up, SCP 273-1 had his scalpel and 273-2, and had made short work of the Class D personnel who had taken it. 273-2 was removed shortly afterwards.

Further study on the abilities of 273-1 requested

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