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Item #: SCP-274

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-274 is housed at Site 10 inside of Containment Unit A. This room, dimensions 10m x 10m x 3m, is made of concrete and steel. Guards are posted outside of the containment unit, rotating on eight-hour shifts.

All testing must be carried out from Observation Room L, with no fewer than two (2) accompanying Level 3 personnel. Testing requires written consent from Site Director Jameson. In light of Incident 274-Q, inserting currency into SCP-274 must only occur by use of a robotic arm controlled from Observation Room L with all accompanying personnel able to halt the process at any time.

Description: SCP-274 is a dry stone well with a diameter of ~2.2m and a depth of ~4.3m. There are approximately 19 cubic meters of water in the well, filling the bottom two meters. Inserting any metal coin commonly accepted as currency anywhere in the world into the well activates SCP-274's anomalous effect. Directly after insertion, speaking a phrase that can be construed as a wish causes the desired action to occur through unknown means. No limit to the magnitude of the wishes able to be granted has been found.

Shortly afterwards, another anomalous event will occur similar in severity to the original wish but of opposite nature (see Document 274-A). For this reason, only minor wishes are allowed to be tested. Any coin inserted in the well is clearly visible in the 2 meters of water in the well.

Harming or breaching the well has shown to be impossible, as subjects directly or indirectly responsible for such courses of action refuse to continue, citing a desire to "simply leave it be." This effect is theorized to have been caused by a previous wish, the opposite effect of which is currently unknown.

Document #274-A: [Discovery]

SCP-274 was discovered on August ██, 19██, by Foundation agents sent to the area to investigate the sudden disappearance of the town of ████████████ 14 years prior. Only SCP-274 and a modern road were found, surrounded by what seemed to be an area mostly cleared of vegetation. Upon finding the well, Agent █████████ threw in a quarter from his pocket and jokingly wished for a cup of Dr. Pepper. A 12-oz Styrofoam cup filled with Dr. Pepper materialized in his hand, the contents of which he drank. Approximately three minutes later, he vomited violently without apparent reason. Site 10 was later built around SCP-274.

Document #274-B: [Tested Wishes]

Subject: Agent █████████
W-1: "Man, I could go for some Dr. Pepper"

  • Initial effects: 12-oz Styrofoam cup filled with Dr. Pepper materializing in subject's hand
  • Negative effects: Vomiting upon finishing the drink

Subject: D-24890
W-2: "I wish I knew where this well came from"

  • Initial effects: Several pages of notes concerning the well materializing in subject's hand
  • Negative effects: All notes appeared in an as-of-yet unrecognized writing and language, with only diagrams to confirm connection to the well

Subject: D-67435
W-3: "I wish I knew where Professor ███████'s electric car keys are"

  • Initial effects: Prof. ██████ claimed to suddenly remember the location of his keys
  • Negative effects: Keys were run over by Prof. ██████'s car within thirteen (13) hours

Subject: D-37822
W-4: "I wish I had fifty thousand Euros"

  • Initial effects: Money appeared in large-denomination bills in a manila envelope next to D-37822
  • Negative effects: 2 days later, a fire occurred in the southwest of Site 10; the cost of repairs was approximately 50,000 Euros

Subject: Agent ████
W-5: "I wish we could recapture SCP-███"

  • Initial effects: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Negative effects: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject: D-23489
W-6: "I wish D-78924 dies in four days (one day prior to scheduled termination)"

  • Initial effects: D-78924 suffered a fatal heart attack four days following the test
  • Negative effects: D-23489's mother was killed in a car crash on the same date

Subject: D-62378
W-7: "I wish the Foundation would find and successfully infiltrate the nearest Chaos Insurgency base."

  • Initial effects: Three days following this test, MTF Gamma-8 located and destroyed a Chaos Insurgency base, killing 42 members.
  • Negative effects: See logs of Incident 274-Q

Document #274-C: [History]

After archaeological study of the area around SCP-274, three distinct settlements have been found. The first dates to Roman times, yet no signs of destruction are apparent on recovered artifacts, only common wear and decay from time. The second dates to the Middle Ages, where it was destroyed for as-of-yet unknown reasons. The third settlement seems to have disappeared in 19██, caused by a fire, though apparently only human-built structures were destroyed, as native plants seem to have never experienced destruction of any sort other than a marking in a tree reading "█████ + ███████", surrounded by a heart. Plumbing for the area has been discovered to suddenly stop 5 km from the well.

Given recent archaeological discoveries in the area, the well seems to have been in existence for quite some time. Given its anomalous effect, it is theorized that the three previous settlements (including ████████████) disappeared due to extreme positive wishes for the settlement, or extreme negative for others.

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