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Item #: SCP-275

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained within two 6 m x 6 m (20 ft x 20 ft) subterranean cells, that is only accessible by a freestanding overhead elevator, although she is allowed short term access to the communal facilities provided she behaves, and is accompanied by no fewer than four operatives, all armed with gas grenades filled with an incapacitating agent.

Personnel are not to respond to SCP-275's antagonistic behavior.

Subject has requested to be provided with:

  • One four poster bed with silk sheets, to be changed daily. (Denied)
  • One standard bed, with sheets to be changed every two weeks. (Approved)
  • One high quality widescreen television, with unlimited cable access. (Denied)
  • One high quality widescreen television, with limited cable access. (Denied)
  • One high quality widescreen television. (Denied)
  • One basic television. (Approved)
  • One DVD player, with several DVDs of the subjects choice. (Approved)
  • A selection of clothing, imported from France, designed for her personally by top class designers, made of cashmere and silk among other things, all designated by the subject. (Denied)
  • A selection of basic clothing, as chosen by the subject. (Approved)
  • Daily baths of fresh goats milks. (Denied)
  • A shower, and choice of basic soaps and towels. (Approved)
  • A collection of gold jewelry, personally selected by the subject, up to twelve thousand (12,000) dollars in net worth. (Denied)
  • Several highly expensive decorative items, including a Ming vase, Persian rug, and paintings by high profile artists. (Denied)
  • High class food, such as lobster, caviar, and sirloin steak on a daily basis. (Denied. Subject is to be served basic rations, as is every subject on site, barring those with extraordinary dietary needs)
  • Over forty (40) liters of various high quality alcohols, including French Champagne. (Denied)
  • A box of highest quality Cuban cigars every week. (Denied)
  • A carton of cigarettes every week, brand chosen by the subject. (Approved)

Description: SCP-275 is a tanned woman of unknown race, although rough estimates would place a mixture of at least African, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Asian bloodlines in her ancestry, discerned from observation of her physical appearance. Hair and eyes are brown, although subject prefers to dye hair a bright shade of red. Subject claims to be one hundred and sixty-eight (168) years of age, despite appearing to be in her late thirties, early forties. Subject is 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in) tall and weighs 192.78 kg (425 lbs), again despite having an appropriate and healthy sized figure. She speaks most dialects of the Middle East fluently, and speaks with a mild accent.

SCP-275 is perfectly normal in the fact that she needs to breathe, eat, and sleep. However, subject is unique in the fact that she is almost completely resistant to extreme physical trauma, various forms of radiation, and extreme temperatures. There is no known record, either by our extensive testing, or by SCP-275's recollection, of the subject's flesh being damaged to anything more than a bruise, and her skin itself has never been pierced.

Testing has deduced that the majority of SCP-275's mass is comprised of the elements common to all organic life. However, it is currently believed that many of the structural compounds have been replaced with significantly more durable substitutes, and the subject's tissues also appear to contain significantly elevated amounts of various heavy metals. Foundation researchers have thus far been unable to collect tissue samples, except through a cross experiment involving SCP-073.

Attempts have been made to X-ray or scan the subject, but results were poor to say the least. Subject's skin contains significant quantities of radio-opaque elements, repelling most attempts penetrate it with radiological or electromagnetic means. Diffractometry tests upon the skin sample obtained in Experiment 875-073 indicate the presence of several novel polymers. While the exact structure of these compounds is still undetermined, analysis suggests that they are or are related in structure and composition to aromatic polyamides (aramids), which would explain the subject's exceptional thermal resistance, some combined in helico-auxetic arrangements. Side-groups of these polymers seem to be the most common location for the added heavy metals contained in SCP-275's tissues. It is not currently known how the subject's body produces these compounds, but due to their obvious potential utility in protective wear, O5-██ has indicated that their replication should be a priority in studies of SCP-275.

This "impenetrability" of the subject extends through the entirety of the subject, including her hair and nails. The hair of the subject is so resilient that a single strand can be used as an extremely sharp cutting wire, with the capability to slice through steel and even titanium. Subject has claimed that her hair and nails have not been properly cut since she was fourteen (14), just before her ability manifested itself, and that now she can only cut her hair with prolonged exposure to a high source of heat, such as a blowtorch, and that she must regularly wear down her nails with a high quality angle grinder.

In addition to this, due to her physical makeup and density, her biology has been slowed as well. Subject ages at least a fourth of the normal rate of aging; also, her menstrual cycle is approximately six months long, with menses itself generally lasting for three to four (3-4) weeks.

One of the more worrying things about SCP-275 is her mental state. Whether it is a hormonal imbalance brought about by her unique physiology, psychological problems from childhood, or simply a result of being immune to most punishments others would fear, subject suffers from severe anger management issues, dealing with most major problems with irrationality and violence. Regarding personality, subject is highly antagonistic and abrasive, lashing out at others with little to no provocation.

She had been noted several times around the Persian Gulf, even coming into contact with rogue agent Bijhan at one point. Apparently, she had been using her invulnerability to weapons fire to her advantage, renting out her abilities to the highest bidder when she had been eventually found and captured by the Foundation.

Subject claims to have been born in Iraq during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and by the time major hostilities had broken out, her abilities had manifested themselves, allowing her a role outside of the traditional one that was expected of women at that time.

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