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An attempted photograph of SCP-277

Item #: SCP-277

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-277 should be contained within a room with dimensions of at least ten (10) meters in height, length, and width. A minimum of five (5) personnel should be placed outside the room, within a range of fourteen to fifteen (14-15) meters of the object itself. The personnel guarding the object is to be replaced at least every twelve (12) hours.

Item number 277 has left its room when fewer than five (5) personnel are present, and can pass through standard concrete walls; provided at least five (5) people enter the fourteen to fifteen (14-15) meter range, it tends to remain stationary. People who come within a fourteen (14) meter radius of the object have experienced adverse psychological effects of varying intensity relative to the distance from the object. (see Document #277-a, Level 2 or higher only)

Description: SCP-277 appeared on ███████ ██, 2004 in █████████, ██. The object moved across the city rapidly, eventually stopping at a playground at █████████ Elementary School. Video surveillance shows children and faculty within a fifteen (15) meter radius stopping all activity and focusing intently on the object; law enforcement officers behaved the same upon arriving at the scene. Initial attempts to contain the object by Level 2 personnel failed, as people entering a radius of fourteen (14) meters or less seem to experience a suspension of higher reasoning faculties; eventually personnel fitted with electrodes were dispatched in order to move civilians to safety, with electric shocks serving to motivate personnel in the proper direction. After civilians were removed, the object began to follow personnel remaining within fifteen (15) meters; electric shocks were further used to guide personnel into a container. SCP-277 followed the personnel, and was transported to Site 14, where it is currently contained.

Object's appearance shifts rapidly, but its volume seems consistent, although estimates are difficult. It is apparently intangible while displacing air. Simultaneous observations with different visual apparatus (infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, radio waves, ultrasonograms, electroscopy, etc.) yield no discernible images and do not overlap. Attempts were made to film SCP-277 with high-speed cameras in order to identify any accelerated patterns of movement or a coherent message or form; attempts failed.

Document #277-a: Further notes

Debriefing of personnel present during the incident at █████████ Elementary School, combined with analysis of surveillance footage, yielded the following conclusions:

People involved in the █████████ Elementary School incident experienced pronounced psychological effects which seem directly proportional to one's proximity to #277.

Children at the site were highest in number among those coming within the ten (10) meter radius, yet did not experience the same long-lasting effects that adults did after leaving the proximity of the object. Children were referred to psychiatric counseling, but within thirty (30) days, were able to resume their normal functions.

Personnel remaining outside a fifteen (15) meter distance from the object reported feeling no significant effects.

Personnel remaining at least fourteen (14) meter from the object reported feelings of euphoria and a lack of motivation while in proximity of the object; upon leaving the object's proximity, they reported feelings of malaise or depression for periods ranging from two (2) to twenty-four (24) hours. These personnel resumed their normal duties one day after the incident.

Personnel entering a radius of ten to thirteen (10-13) meters from the item reported similar effects at higher intensity, with depression lasting longer than that experienced by personnel remaining outside the fourteen to fifteen (14-15) meter radius; these personnel were referred to psychiatric counseling. All of these personnel were diagnosed with clinical depression and were prescribed medication to alleviate their symptoms. All were able to resume their normal duties within forty five (45) days of the incident.

Personnel entering a radius of less than 3.05m (10ft) from the object were unresponsive to attempts to debrief them, and were referred to psychiatric counseling; these personnel exhibited extreme lethargy, sleep disturbances, and refusal to eat. Full body workups were conducted; blood tests, organ function panels, and brain scans were normal. Personnel were remanded to separate psychiatric care facilities, and remain under supervision.

███████ ██, 2005: Compromise within Site 14 necessitated movement of all non-critical personnel to contain an emergency involving SCP-███; SCP-277 left its room, requiring re-containment procedures similar to those used at █████████ Elementary School. Several personnel came within 15 m of #277, including some who entered the 10 m range; all of these personnel experienced similar effects as those in the 2004 incident.

██████ ██, 2005: Gen. ████████ requested further testing on #277; expressed interest in weaponizing the object:

<Begin Transcript>

Gen. ████████: I think we've got a real winner here, imagine dropping it in the middle of Basra or -

Dr. ██████: If you've got an idea of how to get the damn thing packed, shipped, and deployed without any soldiers feeling its effects, I'd gladly consider it, General, but -

Gen. ████████: Some resources are expendable, Dr. ██████, and I intend to see that this happens.

<End Transcript>

███████ ██, 2006: First animal tests conducted: higher apes experienced effects similar to humans, dogs and rats seemed to experience effects while in its presence, but less severe aftereffects upon leaving its proximity. Requisitioning groups of inmates for further research.

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