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Item #: SCP-279

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-279 is to be kept in a hermetically sealed box in Hazardous Materials Containment Storage at Site-19 (09-756311). Research into SCP-279 units are to be carried out on a monthly basis by Class-D Personnel in a sealed chamber with adjacent incinerator.

Upon unsealing another set of SCP-279 units, all units determined to be of strategic value are to be sealed in hard plastic casing and placed in a secondary sealed box in Hazardous Materials Containment Storage (09-756312). Any superfluous units are to be incinerated on-site.

Under no circumstances are any SCP-279 units to be allowed to escape containment. Level 2 (Massive Collateral Damage, Non-Nuclear) response is authorized to prevent containment breach.

Description: SCP-279 was recovered by SCP-507 during extradimensional travel on ██-██-████. Upon arriving in Thread Designate 997-Hawking, SCP-507 arrived in the bathroom of what appeared to be an ordinary hobby games shop which appeared to be having a sanctioned █████:███ █████████ tournament. Knowing that Agents █████████ and ████ were avid players of said game, (and noting that the group appeared to be playing an expansion which did not exist on this Thread), SCP-507 purchased a single booster box of cards (SCP-279) as a souvenir for said agents. Cards were analyzed by Quarantine personnel upon arrival, and were determined to have no radiological, biological, nanotechnological, technological, eschatological, psionic, memetic, psychological, or █████████████ danger. SCP-279 was cleared for removal from quarantine, so long as the items were not allowed to leave Site-19 for any reason.

Agents █████████ and ████ attempted to use SCP-279 to play a game of Pack War on ██-██-████, during off-duty hours in the Site-19 Canteen. Records on what happened during that game are unclear, but it has been determined that upon Agent █████████ playing a ██████ named "Death Gaze of Xeren" (SCP-279-1), Agent ████ immediately clutched at his throat, screaming about a presence that he was convinced was "gazing into his soul." Agent ████ then spontaneously combusted, burning into ash in less than 17 seconds, to the astonishment of all present. All personnel in the canteen at the time were immediately quarantined, SCP-279 was placed into Hazardous Materials Storage. Inquest followed by polygraph test determined that SCP-507 was not aware of the nature of the device that he brought back with him, that Quarantine had carried out all necessary procedures re: unknown items of extraterrestrial and extradimensional origin, and that Agent █████████ had not known what the card was capable of: termination order for said personnel canceled.

Upon questioning SCP-507, he stated that he was not able to view an entire game of █████ being played from start to end due to the rather short period of time that he spent there. He did note that the games were being played inside a metal and lexan cage, and that audience members were required to stay at least 3.05m (10ft) away from the participants the whole time. Having never attended a █████ tournament, SCP-507 assumed that this was standard audience behavior in such events.

Addendum 279-00: Study of SCP-279-1
Description of card "Death Gaze of Xeren" follows.

Cost: █████
Type: ███████
Expansion: █████. Symbol is that of a skull superimposed over a stylized card.
Description: Destroy target player. If you lose the game while Death Gaze of Xeren is in your deck, hand, or graveyard, you are destroyed.

Experiment Log

  • Subjects D-279-01 and D-279-02 were given decks including copies of SCP-279-01 and instructed to cast it upon each other during a game. Result: On turn █, D-279-01 managed to play the card on D-279-02, killing the latter.
  • Subject D-279-01 was given the card and instructed to declare and cast it upon D-279-03 outside of a game of █████. Result: no effect.
  • Subjects D-279-01 and D-279-03 were given decks including copies of SCP-279-01 and instructed to cast it upon each other during a game. On turn █, D-279-01 accidentally attempted to cast SCP-279-01 on Subject 03 after tapping an improper amount of mana, resulting in a game loss. Result: D-279-01 was killed in the same manner as 02.
  • Subject D-279-03 was instructed to play a solitaire game of █████ while watching Subject D-279-04 on closed circuit TV. Upon having the proper amount of mana on the board, was instructed to cast SCP-279-01 on SCP-279-04. Result: No effect.
  • Subjects D-279-03 and D-279-04, separated by 160.93km (100mi) physical distance, played a game of █████ over closed circuit TV. Result: On turn █, Subject D-279-04 managed to fireball D-279-03 for 20 points of damage, winning the game. Subject D-279-03 was killed in the expected manner.
  • Subjects D-279-04 and D-279-05, playing at a distance of 160.93km (100mi) over closed circuit TV. Result: On turn █, Subject D-279-04 successfully cast SCP-279-01 on Subject 05, killing him in the expected manner.
  • Subjects D-279-04 and D-279-06, playing in the same room. Result: On turn 1, Subject 04 deliberately did not play any cards and discarded SCP-279-01 to his graveyard. On turn █, Subject 06 attempted to attack Subject 04 with a [DATA EXPUNGED] which would have resulted in the death of Subject 04. Subject 04, however, managed to cast "Extirpate" upon his own copy of SCP-279-01, removing all copies of said card in his hand, library, and graveyard from the game. Subject 04 was not killed.
  • Subjects D-279-04 and D-279-06, playing in the same room as subjects D-279-07 and D-279-08, playing a different game at the next table over. Subjects 04 and 06 were instructed to play SCP-279-01 on Subject 07 at the first available opportunity. Result: No effect.
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