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Item #: SCP-2807

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in a hermetically closed container no less than 20x20x20 cm in size at all times except when being examined. All contact and experimentation must be done with protective gear in order to avoid direct contact between the skin and SCP-2807. ITEM IS NO LONGER UNDER THE DIRECT CONTROL OF THE SCP FOUNDATION. REFER TO ADDENDUM 2807-3 FOR DETAILS.

Description: SCP-2807 is a carved wooden idol of 15 cm. in height, dated from late 18th/early 19th century. Historical experts have claimed that, although the item resembles the shape of an African fertility god, this would be impossible as the tribe that venerated said god has been extinct up to three centuries before the carving of SCP-2807.

When direct physical contact is being made between a human being and SCP-2807, the user suffers a takeover by an entity that has been theorized to be human in nature. The entity will take full control of the affected human (Both physically and psychologically), and biological functions will be halted, making the possessed user able to endure extreme enviromental conditions that will provoke certain death in normal cases.

Once the takeover is in place, the user affected by SCP-2807 will attempt to perform a procedure, similar to a ritual; the procedure includes:

1: Covering the face of the affected individual by a mask or any object that serves said purpose.
2: The acquisition of a blade-based weapon, often of large dimensions.

Optionally it has been noticed that the affected user will acquire a clothing item similar to an apron in order to wear. Whether this is a necessary part of the ritual or not is under investigation.

The possession effects will last from 5 to 8 hours, although periods of up to 23 hours have been observed. During this period, the user will attempt to terminate all humans nearby. Once the takeover is finished, the entity will "return" to SCP-2807 and the affected user will fall unconscious, waking up after a period of no more than an hour and with no memories of what happened after he/she became in contact with the item.


Addendum-2807-1: It has been noted that sometimes SCP-2807 will not activate after human contact, which suggests that the item "selects" for his own good. This gives more basis to the theory that SCP-2807 or the entity inside it is sentient and possibly human. Soul, anyone? -Dr. Nizbit

Addendum-2807-2 — On SCP-2807's retrieval: The origins of the item are currently kept classified by the British Ministry of Occultism, but certain information was retrieved. A certain operative of a Ministry of Occultism's subsidiary, called the Special Talents Project, has been under the influence of SCP-2807 during what has been called "The Defoe manor incident". Details are sketchy at the moment, but it suggests that SCP-2807 is the "Soul" of a certain member of the now-inexistent Defoe family. Said operative was also a major part of the Clanbrowyn Hotel Incident (which we have little and useless information about it), and recovered SCP-2807, believed to be destroyed in the Defoe Manor Incident. Whatever caused (DATA EXPUNGED) -O5-8

Addendum-2807-3: After a conference between Foundation representants, Ministry of Occultism representants and STP operative "██████", protagonist of both the Defoe Manor Incident and the Clanbrowyn Hotel Incident, and the proper backstory of SCP-2807, it has been decided that the item should be sent to space, as far away of human contact as possible, due to the apparent resolution of an ██-class, interdimensional End-of-the-world scenario. Information up to this point is classified and cleared only to Level 4 personnel and O5 personnel.

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