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Item #: SCP-281

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-281 is currently locked in special storage locker 18-E on containment level 7 of Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76. It is not to be removed without Dr. ██████'s permission for experimentation. Because of SCP-281's potential for misuse and the possibility of harm to the user, it is recommended that other any other use of the SCP by employees also be limited and cleared by a Level 4 Operative. Use of Class D personnel for testing SCP-281 should also be strictly monitored.

Description: SCP-281 appears to be a standard clock radio that has been modified slightly. A small hole has been cut into the back of the casing of the clock and from it, two red curled wires protrude. These are connected to what appears to be a standard battery operated digital kitchen timer. Cursory inspection seems to reveal that the kitchen timer has been modified to use power from the radio.

The SCP was discovered by a Henrich Rollings at a regular electronics "swap meet" when he acquired a box of random electronics parts for $5.00 USD from an unnamed person there. Further attempts to trace the origins of SCP-281 have been unsuccessful. Most of the other items in the box Mr. Rollings purchased were of a mundane nature; however, some did display certain unusual properties that are outlined in Document #281-09.

SCP-281 is operated like a normal alarm clock. However, when the alarm sounds (either radio or buzzer), pressing the "snooze" button has radically different effects. Rather than causing the alarm to silence for another 9 minutes, the clock somehow manages to "stop time" for the subject pressing snooze. When the button is pressed, the kitchen timer sets itself to nine minutes and begins counting downwards. Once reaching zero, the alarm goes off again and time resumes passing normally for the subject.

Initial tests indicate that rather than time actually stopping, physics as they are normally experienced by the user are somehow modified. A virtual "bubble" of space-time is created around the subject that speeds up their experience of time compared to the rest of the universe. Furthermore, a person who has pressed snooze initiating this bubble can expand that bubble around anything else that they come in contact with. Presumably this is to keep the subject from inadvertently destroying ordinary objects by exciting them at a physically unsustainable rate. Once they move more than 5 meters from an object they have brought into this bubble, the object's own bubble collapses immediately and they fall back into normal space-time.

Addendum #281-01: While doing testing of SCP-281, one of the Class D Personnel began to realize the potential of the SCP and plotted to use it to escape from the facility. Fortunately, due to the nine minute limit imposed by the SCP, this personnel only made it two levels up from where the tests were being performed before they fell back into normal space-time and were immobilized. However, during the escape attempt, they did manage to disarm one guard. It is now recommended that Class D Personnel be used for testing of SCP-281 only when the risk is too great to higher level personnel. Then extra precautions should be taken to make sure that they are not able to escape from containment within a normal nine minute window.

Document #281-04: It should be noted there is a slight risk to the health of the subject using SCP-281 due to the fact that they will age 9 minutes each time they activate the snooze button. While the problem is nominal for most people exposed to SCP-281's effects, cumulative use has the potential to prematurely "age" the individual. —Dr. ██████

Document #281-09: There were in fact two items of relevance recovered from the box of "junk" that Mr. Rollings purchased:

A 4th Generation ████ ████ Digital media player (SCP-282)
What appears to be a digital stove timer

Each item displays properties that make them unique. Initially the items were considered "junk" and stored. Further analysis occurred almost by accident. Since the box was recovered in early 2007 SCP-282 was initially thought to be a clever imitation. However one of the lab technicians wondered if the contents might be recoverable and upon disassembling the device, he discovered that it contained hardware that was at the upper limit of cutting edge consumer technology. Many of the manufacture dates stamped onto the various components were for mid 2008, over a year away. Further investigation by the Foundation uncovered that many of the parts inside the device were currently in prototype phase at their respective manufacturers.

The discovery of SCP-282 caused the foundation to re-investigate each item in the box. The only other unusual object was the stove timer. Branding on the digital stove timer says it is made by the ███████ Corporation. However investigation into their records (through both direct and indirect means) have determined that no such timer was ever built or installed into any of their stoves. Testing has determined that the item was professionally milled and assembled. Many of the parts are readily available from their respective manufacturers, but most have no record of the parts being sold to ███████ Corporation. Dates stamped on components inside the timer lead us to believe it would have been manufactured in late 2002. When powered it behaves as a normal kitchen timer.

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