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Item #: SCP-282

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-282 is currently locked in special storage locker 18-E on containment level 7 of Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76. Although it is considered safe, It should not be removed or experimented on without Dr. ██████'s permission.

Description: SCP-282 is a 4th Generation ████ ████ Digital media player. In and of itself, SCP-282 is not unusual. What makes it unusual is that it was discovered in early 2007. The media player was recovered from a Mr. Henrich Rollings when he purchased a "box of junk" for $5.00 USD at a regular electronics swap meet. It should be noted that SCP-281 was also recovered from this same box.

When the media player was recovered, it was initially thought to be a cheap imitation. However one of the lab technicians wondered if the contents might be recoverable and upon disassembling the device, he discovered that it contained hardware that was at the upper limit of cutting edge consumer technology. Many of the manufacture dates stamped onto the various components were for mid 2008, over a year away. Further investigation by the Foundation uncovered that many of the parts inside the device were currently in prototype phase at their respective manufacturers.

The technician was able to extract several media files from the player, many of which were songs that had yet to be released in 2007 but became available in the upcoming year. In addition there were four video files, two of which were for tv shows that had been written but not yet filmed. The other two appear to be crudely ripped news episodes, the contents of which are outlined in document 282-08 and 282-09. Access to these documents are available with Dr. ██████'s approval, or the approval of an 05 Director.

Addendum #282-01: It has been recommended that SCP-282 be re-classified as "safe" since it is no longer actually a "unique" object now that such media players are commonplace. However, because it came to us through unusual means, and because of the media contained on it I think it's better to keep it stored with SCP-281. —Dr. ██████

Document #282-08: The events detailed in the news cast concerning [DATA EXPUNGED]. These events never came to pass, and subsequently the news cast aired on that date did not coincide with the episode discovered on SCP-282. It is assumed that the intervention by Agent █████ ███████ caused us to follow a separate time line where we avoided that catastrophe. —Dr. ██████

Document #282-09: By my estimates, we have two more years before the events outlined in this news story come to fruition. I would like to once again start working early enough with Agent █████ ███████ and the other personnel involved in avoiding the incident in the first news story so we can try and dodge this one as well. As much as I hate messing with the natural order of things, I feel like these two reports crossed our paths so we could do something about them. —Dr. ██████

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