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As of the present, SCP 284 has not complied to allow a picture to be taken.

Item #: SCP-284

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-284 is confined to [DATA EXPUNGED] with a special security grade allowing it access to all unsecured research labs, record facilities and communal social areas (cafeteria, residential complex, recreational facilities) when accompanied by at least one (1) staff member Class 1 or higher. With the written consent of Level 4 personnel, SCP-284 may be granted temporary access to secured research labs or Euclid-class SCP containment facilities to act as a research assistant under the direct supervision of assigned laboratory staff. When dormant, SCP-284 is to be secured in storage area D12 in SCP-285 of [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-284 has been equipped with a tracking device so its location within [DATA EXPUNGED] can be monitored precisely at any time. Tracking software is installed on all computers for Class 2 staff and higher. This tracking device is to be worn around the neck of SCP-284 at all times unless confined to storage area D12. The above mentioned tracking device has been rigged with termination measures in the event of case problem Depletion Stage which is to be referred to from here on as the DF-1c.

SCP-284 is to be rationed 27 oz (800 ml) or more of stock blood of any type diluted with 2 mg of aqueous benzoylmethyl ecgonine. The issuing for medicinal cocaine comes as a request from SCP-284’s research observer who has found evidence of a remote addiction from pre-origin. The request comes as a necessity for further observation of the habits of SCP-284.

Discovery: SCP-284 was discovered with SCP-285 (The Electrolysis Tomb) in Skamania County, Washington on Aug 20, 1980. SCP-285 was found after stratovolcano Mount St. Helens erupted. SCP-285 was protruding from a fissure 2.7 km away from the volcano’s base. The Foundation was notified immediately when the presence of advanced chemistry and paranormal origins were noticed by DNR Officer James D. Carol, deceased. Whether a link to SCP-284’s origin or SCP-285 is present, it is undetermined at this time.

Description: SCP-284 appears as a normal Caucasian male. He resembles a man of age determined to be 23-25 years old. The origins of SCP-284 are unknown but radio-isotomic dating shows the body to have stopped producing hemoglobin at least five (5) years prior to the discovery of SCP-284. It is safe to assume that SCP-284 was rendered deceased at this time.

SCP-284 possesses a series of runes running down the length of his spine. When asked about the runes, SCP-284 responds with the name he has entitled to himself as “Wodeum Brubeck Montr'Vay.” It is assessed that the runes may be tied to some form of Gaelic or Anglo-Saxon origin based on the angles and stresses associated with the name and phrasing of SCP-284’s dubbed identity.

SCP-284 has been deemed hazardous when depleted or wounded. He has a strange lack of hemoglobin which the SCP has declared him deceased for this reason. Due to this lack of hemoglobin, SCP-284 must consume 27 oz (800 ml) of human plasma a day or risk decay or various undetermined side-effects which may be hazardous to SCP-284 or any staff member associated with SCP-284 at the time of depletion. This depletion has been coined the Depletion Stage and filed under termination protocol DF-1c. During these periods, SCP-284 is to be subdued and injected with a bare minimum of 1 oz of human plasma. If SCP-284 cannot be subdued, staff of class 2 or higher are to be notified immediately and DF-1c termination measures are to be applied.

Biopsy analysis of SCP-284 are, as of yet, inconclusive. While humanoid in appearance and even in origin, SCP-284 seems to possess little or no form of blood within giving him gaunt features. It would also be deemed conclusive that SCP-284 has undergone severe electrical burns to the chest, arms, legs, abdomen, and lower cranium. These burns are to be tied to the discovery of SCP-284 in SCP-285 which has been classified as an electrolysis generator. It has been deemed hazardous to researcher(s) and SCP-284 for a biopsy to take place due to the DF-1c Stage. Intense physicals have revealed mostly human characteristics and discernable anatomy. SCP-284 is to comply with monthly physicals of this nature to ensure 100% efficiency and the disposition of decomposition stages.

SCP-284 does possess a certain set of physical attributes. He is capable of manipulating the sinew in his dead muscle tissue to give him bursts of speed and strength. He is also capable of instantaneous depletion of unused fat to create a protective dermis under the entirety of SCP-284’s epidermal layer. There is a certain toll that is enacted on SCP-284’s condition as he uses these qualities. SCP-284 is succumbed to a very feral type of body function and the natural instincts instilled in the body take over. The physical characteristics of SCP-284 also change when these abilities are activated. SCP-284 takes on feral, if not, completely animalistic characteristics as these features get closer to SCP-284 depletion level. (Refer to DF-1c containment for depletion protocol.)

SCP-284 does not need to sleep in order for the body to have rest. However, he has been seen setting motionless for hours. When asked what he is doing SCP-284 responds that he is trying to remember origins prior to discovery. As of the present date SCP-284 has no memory of a previous life. When asked about whether he wishes to remain at the SCP Foundation, SCP-284 replies that he has no knowledge of how to function in the public world.

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